tempurpedic vs posturepedic

Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic Comparison

Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic

Having a good night’s sleep is just as important as other necessities of life like having food or water. After a long day of work, you still continue doing more just with the hope that you are going to relax when you get home. How does one person then relax? A major part of it is sleeping and lying down on your bed. Opposed to what majority people think, your bed and the mattress on it make a huge difference on how comfortable and relaxing your sleep is. The right mattress works a lot more than just giving you a nice sleep time; it has numerous scientific and health benefits. Hence we have outlined in detail the common topic of tempurpedic vs posturepedic mattresses. Read along.

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Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic Mattress

The right mattress will align your spine and will help to fix your posture as well. Nowadays, people spend more time deciding on a mattress than the bed and its design. Many companies, therefore, have worked to bring innovation and differentiating features in mattresses so that it puts them in different categories.

Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic – How to Choose the Right Mattress

  1. It affects your health: One thing, which many people don’t realize, is how negatively it can affect your health if you don’t get a good sleep. If the few hours that you get your sleep, even in those you end having back pain and neck pains then all of this will affect the overall health as well. Throughout the day you will feel tired, and your productivity will be low. If you don’t sleep well, then your muscles will not recharge, and the body will remain in pain. 
  2. The amount of time: Daily we spend about 8 hours sleeping, and that adds up to spending like one-third of our life sleeping. We give a significant part of our life to sleeping, and we need to make good use of it. Our body needs sleep, and whatever time you spend sleeping it should be done right, and that includes choosing the right mattress as well. 
  3. Affects your attitude: If you have had a good sleep and you are all fresh then automatically your mood throughout the day will be nice. You will be more active in every work and will be able to perform to your full potential. Now, compared to a person who hasn’t had a comfortable sleep will probably feel annoyed and worn out throughout the day. 
  4. For kids and elderly: If you are buying the mattress for whether kids or older adults, then you must spend a good amount of time in choosing the right one. Children are in that growing stage where they need a full body recharge through the night, and older adults require comfort. For these reasons, you should carefully select your mattress.


Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic vs Sealy


Two major types of mattresses are Posturepedic and Tempurpedic. Back in 1970’s, NASA did an invention for the astronauts so that they could get comfortable during their time in space. Soon after, this material made by NASA was now used in mattresses as well and came to be known as Tempurpedic memory foam all over the world. Posturepedic, on the other hand, is even older than Tempurpedic and dates back 60 years. This mattress has foam, fabric, and a coil fixed inside.

All of this is to make sure that your body is fully aligned and is supported as well throughout your time in bed. Despite both being comfortable and beneficial in their own way, people always want to decide upon the best one. While that is not possible because everyone has their own opinions, a neutral pro and con analysis would make the picture clear for many.

  1. Tempurpedic Mattress

Tempurpedic vs PosturepedicStarting off with Tempurpedic mattresses the good thing about these mattresses is that unlike other mattresses they don’t sink in or sag, for that matter. This particular thing is what irritates people the most, and they try to avoid the mattresses that sag. Tempurpedic, in this case, takes the cake. Now you will not have to turn it or flip after every short time to make sure that the surface levels. These mattresses are hefty and had they been the saggy ones; then it would have been tough for people to turn it again and again.

The ripple effect in this mattress is also canceled out. This is excellent because then you are assured that you will not be disturbed when the person next to you moves. Some people have the habit of moving throughout the night, so this mattress will assure that you forget you are evening sleeping with someone.

The mattress has soft foam, which molds all around your body. It shapes according to the person sleeping above and will also help to improve body circulation. Due to this factor, the level comfort is really high, and they enjoy their sleep or whatever time they spend on it. The body alignment helps to relax the pressure points as well.

In the cons, the first one would be that since the mattress is really dense, it gets difficult to move your body and change sides that frequent. This is a bummer for people who are used to changing sides and for them changing sides is making sure that they continue sleeping. If you can’t move your body on the bed with ease, then that one position will probably give you pain on that side. For people who are in the habit of body, movements should think twice before buying it.

Another one may or may not be a con for some, but to me, it definitely is not something you can sleep with. Reviews tell us that after some time, this mattress produces a bad smell, which is usually called “off-gassing.” This smell gets difficult to manage or suppress and then this one thing stays throughout your time with this bed. Now, people who have placed these mattresses in their bedroom will not at all prefer that their room gets known with a particular smell. So, this is surely something to think about.

Lastly, the memory foam of the Tempurpedic mattress is extra warm because your body heat is left close to the surface and this is what increases the temperature. Scorching nights are not a comfortable way to sleep because all the time it will keep annoying you. If by chance, you were living in a place where there is naturally a warm climate then it would get really difficult to sleep on it. One doesn’t want that after a long day of sun and high temperatures, even in sleep all they get is heat.

We now move on to the other type, which is the Posturepedic mattress.

  1. Posturepedic Mattress

The Posturepedic mattress is made from some of the best materials. There is a solid latex core inside which resists dust particles. Now, this is specifically beneficial for people who have allergies, and dust annoys them. Dust particles will not settle on it, and with a little dusting, all of it will get cleared off.

The center of this mattress provides support to your body and instant support to specifically your back and leg. This will ensure that you enjoy our sleep and it is throughout comfortable. This latex material makes sure that unlike a typical spring mattress, you don’t have to face those bumps and sags.

The fact that this mattress is manufactured without springs is fascinating because the comfort level is such that you feel as if you are floating in the air. There are multiple layers of latex foam, which have densities different to support your body weight. The box spring has different modules, which will relieve any pressure that is put on it. This also works as a shock absorber, and this will assure you of a comfortable and smooth sleep throughout the night.

The sleeping area of this mattress is more because it has firm edges. This means that you have more area to move around with fewer chances of falling off the bed. This mattress is particularly recommended for people who have more than average body weight. The patented design is what flexes itself according to the body weight of the user, and even if the weight is more, it will adjust accordingly. The technology that is found is this mattress is hard to be found in other mattresses because it specifically focuses on comfort.

Moreover, there is no issue with smelly gasses being produced or the mattress getting warmer than the normal temperature.

The only issue that people faced with this mattress was that the foam was extra and too soft. Many people think that soft is good, but extreme soft is actually harmful to your body. Your body needs some stiffness as well, and if it isn’t, then you will end waking up in pains and aches.

Now we are going to look into slightly different aspects like price and warranty:


The price of both the mattresses is more or less the same. Both of them give true value for money. In one comparison we took the prices of 5 kings sized mattresses of both types and compared the prices. The total of Tempurpedic mattresses was just $24.25 higher than the other set of Posturepedic ones. Such a difference isn’t that big, and therefore it all comes down to your needs and requirements.


Posturepedic mattresses offer a one-year guarantee and remaining nine years warranty. Under the guarantee, the mattress can easily be replaced in case any default occurs. On an average, this mattress lasts in good condition for about 8 to 10 years.

Tempurpedic mattresses give a 10-year full replacement warranty and last for a good amount of 15 years. The life, therefore, for Tempurpedic mattresses is more than the other type.

These warranties vary as per the retailer selling the product. So, make sure you check the warranty or guarantee for the product you are going to buy.

Now we move on to the different types in these mattresses.

Types of Tempurpedic Mattresses


There are mainly three types of Tempurpedic mattresses.

  1. Traditional memory foam: This type became particularly famous in the market during the 1990s. This foam has been designed in a way that it relieves pressure on your various body joints and helps to improve the blood circulation as well. Memory foam mattress is also anti-microbial which means that the number of dust mites is reduced. It is a great choice for those who have allergies to dust. Motion transfer is another of its famous features, which work in a way that the ripple effect due to moving and tossing of someone is reduced. The life of this foam is more than the usual spring ones. 
  2. Air cool memory foam: A big downside to Tempurpedic mattresses is that it gets overly heated due to the body heat and this result in sleepless nights. Manufacturers worked on this and came up the air cool foam technology. This technology will work in a way that the mattress will respond to the temperature of your body, and the extra heat will be channeled out. This reduces the problem of additional heat being trapped and gives cool nights to sleep. 
  3. Gel memory foam: This is somewhat similar to the traditional memory foam and stops the motion transfer. Gel foam too is antimicrobial and keeps dust mites away. The type of gel that is used in sports equipment and shoes is what is employed in mattresses as well. This mattress is ideal for people who suffer severe body pains and aches.


Types of Posturepedic Mattresses


The types of Posturepedic mattresses are not that clearly defined, but they all have some features that are worthy of mentioning.

  1. Encased coil system: This is an encased coil system that is fixed inside of the mattress and responds to your natural body curves and aligns it correctly. Because it is encased, every coil will make a separate movement to adjust to the body shape. 
  2. Core support center: This feature has gel infused foam right at the center so that it gives support exactly where it is most needed. This makes the mattress more reliable and durable. 
  3. Solid Edge HD system: This 2.5-inch border that is fixed all around the mattress so that the full mattress area can be utilized and it also provides a solid seating surface.


Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic | Mattress Buying Guide


After this, you will make the final decision of buying the mattress. When you look into the websites and online shopping options for both Tempurpedic and Posturepedic mattresses, you will find plenty of choices, and that will give you a tough time in choosing one. This buying guide below will help you in picking the best option.

  • Research online: You first need to see and analyze all your available options. The best way to do is to use the Internet. The Internet has the most exposure and will give you every possible option. 
  • Talk to your doctor: This is vital because you don’t know what your body actually needs. A physician will better be able to advise you on the specific technology that will be required for you in mattresses. 
  • Watch out for gimmicks: Some mattresses will be tagged as being medically proven, but you need to look for the authenticity of it first. 
  • Take it for a test drive: Test drive means that you need to lay on it for about 10-15 minutes and see if your body settles there. Most companies and sellers will allow this type of mattress testing, and therefore you should always avail it. 
  • Pick the one best for your back: Your back is that one part which is most affected by any type of mattress. You need to decide on a mattress that does not compromise on the back pain. 
  • Check guarantees and warranty: You need to see that the mattress you are buying has at least one year guarantee so that in the case of any default, the company fixes it and it doesn’t cost you any extra money. 
  • Choose from some store that specializes: Even when you have made a decision on the type of mattress, you still need to make sure that the store you are buying from is the one that actually specializes in this product. The stores that done specialize usually sell fake copies, and there is no chance that you would come to know about it. Therefore, it is only safe to choose the store that has a history and is well known.


End Note

In the end, you can check reviews of customers. These reviews can be found on almost every website or generally over the Internet as well. These reviews will tell you what customers like, and their preference carries weight age because they have used it. All in all, both Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic mattresses provide great value for money.

They are both beneficial in their own set of features that they have. You can ask your doctor and then choose one on the basis of which mattress has that technology.