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Latex Mattress | Best Organic Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress is a great option for a mattress, they provide a comfortable sleeping surface along with many other great benefits that most normal mattresses don’t offer. They have more spring in them, that is why they are not hot and also give great support.

When the first latex foam mattress was introduced in the market, very few knew about it, even now not everyone knows its benefits but now it is starting to gain some popularity as few companies who make bed in a box models are using natural latex mattresses.

Best Natural Latex Mattresses Reviews

We have listed down some of the Best Latex Mattresses and Toppers for you to choose from.

Ghost Bed Mattress | Natural Latex Mattresses

latex mattress

When you look at this mattress first, you’ll feel that it is like any other box-in-bed mattress but when you look at it closely and use it then you will know that this latex mattress is one of it’s kind. If you are looking for a mattress, which offers great price, then this has to be the first choice.

The Ghost Bed Mattress is by Nature’s Sleep; this company has its own huge name in the market so we can accept a good mattress from them at an affordable price.

With this mattress, you can easily sleep in all positions without any discomfort, as it offers great supports no matter what side you sleep on, either its your stomach, back or sideways, you will have a good comfortable sleep. The biggest draw back of conventional mattresses is that they are hot, the Ghost Bed Mattress is although made all out of foam but its top layer is latex, this keeps the mattress cool giving the user a good sleep.

The mattress also bounces back very quickly because of its top latex layer. The latex mattresses have more springs in them that is why you won’t get the being stuck feeling in this one unlike most other mattresses.

The Ghost Bed Mattress is a product of Nature’s Sleep, so we expect its construction to be top notch, and do not worry because you will not be disappointed. The construction of the mattress is simply impressive; it has a seamless transition, which is one quality you should see in every mattress.

The covers of the mattress have been made form vicose and polyester, the covers would obviously be covered in a sheet but once you use it you will know the perfect feeling it has. One of the best things is that the covers have a zip that means you can easily take them off for cleaning or any other reason.

This mattress has been made using a lot of foam but it has a 1.5 inches of latex layer on top, which gives you more spring and cool temperature. It has 2 inches of gel memory foam, which gives a contouring support. The gel also helps in keeping the mattress cool. The base of the mattress is of 7.5 inches, made out of core foam.

This mattress is surely good for sleeping on all sides, but if you are someone who sleeps on their stomach side entirely then its better to look for a mattress which is more firm. Also if you are someone who is more into spring mattresses then you should know that the Ghost Bed Mattress is mostly made up of foam.


The Ghost Bed Mattress is made up of high quality materials but comes in a price, which is very economical. If you want a mattress which serves all the basic needs then this has to be the one.


  • Good value for money.
  • Lets you sleep in every position.


  • Not great for people who prefer more spring in a mattress.


Casper Latex Foam Mattress

latex mattress 

The mattress by Casper is a promising mattress; it delivers exactly what it says it will, nothing more and nothing less. It has an innovative construction and a good design, it is a good combination of both latex and memory foam, packed with surprising benefits.

If you have a strict budget but you want the best latex mattress then this is the perfect option, the cost of this Casper Mattress is the most affordable one compared to other mattresses of same sort in the market. The firmness of the mattress is just about perfect, it’s neither too soft not it’s too firm.

You may come across mixed reviews, some might say its very firm and some might say that it’s very firm but unless you use it yourself you will know that its perfectly right in the center.

Unlike memory foams, which conform very slowly, this mattress conforms quickly. It also gives a good bouncy feeling. One thing that we appreciate the most about this mattress is that it’s very powerful.

Because of the latex mattresses layer on top, this mattress sleeps very cool. If you like that feeling or you are someone who lives in a warm place then this is a good option for you. The latex layer helps in keeping the mattress cool while you sleep unlike memory foams, which make the mattress hot.

One thing most people are concerned about while buying a mattress is that how long would it work for, and a mattress, which would run for the longer time is always a better option. The Caper Company is not that old in the market so we cannot make a 100% sure statement about its durability but we have high hopes with it.

In addition, the latex memory foam sags in quite quickly, as this one has latex layers we believe this would go for a long time. Another thing that can convince you to buy it is its great customer policies; the company offers a free trail option and return policy.

Some points which may draw some customers away is that it does not have the innerspring feeling, many people are alright with this but some really want that in the mattress so if you are one of those then you should look elsewhere.

Also memory foam plays a vital role in it’s construction but its not entirely made of that, so it you think it will give you the pure memory foam feel then you will be disappointed, because this mattress sis strong and bouncy. Its cost is not very high and not very low, if you have a very tight budget then this would be out of range and if you have a very large budget then we say you can look for more luxurious options.


The Casper mattress is a great option for best bed-in-a-box mattress with latex over memory foam. The value of the mattress is worth the quality it offers. It has a solid construction and the durability is great as well. We rate this one a 10 out of 10, in terms of what it says it delivers.


  • Solid Construction.
  • Value for money.


  • Does not have the innerspring feeling.


Helix Latex Topper & Mattress

latex mattress

If there is one word, which describes the Helix mattress perfectly, it has to be personalization. The company cares deeply for their customers and wants to provide them a mattress, which is perfect for them; it is the first online company, which makes mattresses on customers’ request.

It is only available online, this saves the middlemen cost customers have to pay. Once you decide to purchase this mattress, before checking out online you will have to take a quiz and answer some questions related to your sleeping habits and body type, your mattress will be then made according to your answers. That is why we say that the Helix Company takes personalization too seriously.

The questions that are asked target four main areas, which then help decide the kind of mattress, which will be perfect for your body. First most important area is the ‘Feel’; this includes things like plushness and firmness of the mattress. Then comes the ‘Support’, the questions in this category are about the sleeping positions because support mainly depends on that.

Third area is of the ‘Temperature Regulation’, most people prefer sleeping on a cold mattress, because hot mattress can be discomforting. The last area is of ‘Point Elasticity’, this is a bit technical part but the questions are not that hard to understand, the answers help in determining how pressure on one point of the mattress should effect on the other point.

Once you are done with these questions and your results have been finalized, the company makes sure you get a mattress, which matches your body type and preferences.

The Helix mattress are mainly made of three layers, 2 inches of Latex foam, 1.5 inches of pocket coils, 2 inches of poly foam and 4.5 inches of base layer foam.

However there can be changes made according to the preferences of the customer.

The Helix mattress are very high in quality and one of the famous options for bed-in-a-box models, but even then they cost very economical as there is no extra labor of middle men included in between. This makes it a great option for people who have a budget. Important point to remember here is that not all

Helix mattresses have latex in them because this company makes mattress as per customer’s request so if a customer does not want latex then they will make complete memory foam. In a market where many mattress company claims that their one mattress meets everyone’s requirement, the Helix Company has a different idea and they firmly believe in personalization.

The company has done a lot of research with PhDs on the effect of different sleeping factors, in order to make the perfect mattresses.

If you are someone who loves latex mattresses then the Helix is the best option for you as they have the best latex layers, they are cool and comfortable. One thing that we love the most about this mattress is that not only you can personalize the entire mattress but also personalize each aide of the mattress differently.

If you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, then there cannot be anything better than this. You can mention your details for each side and enjoy a comfortable sleep together.

However there are some drawbacks, but nothing that should change your mind. The mattress has a layer of micro-coils and has more innerspring feeling than the conventional mattresses but it still gives you the feeling of a memory foam mattress, so if you are someone who does not like to feel that way at all then you should look for more options.

It just being online is good in terms of saving money but in one way its bad, because many people like to feel and see the product before purchasing, and the only time you get to see your Helix mattress is when it arrives at your doorstep, but the company has a great return policy with money back guarantee so we think this problem is not that big.

The price of this mattress is quite affordable but if you have more money to spend then there is no harm in looking for more expensive options. Many people also like to get more feedback before purchasing things, but you won’t find a lot of reviews on this mattress as it a new company, so you’ll have to have trust.


The Helix mattress is certainly the one best company in the market, which is making mattresses, which are perfect for bed-in-a-box models. Personalize mattress is not a new thing but it is definitely unique, besides delivering a mattress especially made for you.

The company has maintained a quality which has no match with other mattresses. It has a great value for money and 100% money back guarantee. We say this option is simply the best one available right now.


  • Personalized mattress, they make what the customer wants.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • You can also make monthly payments.
  • Durable and comfortable.


  • You cannot check it before ordering.
  • Has a memory foam mattress feel.


Brooklyn Bedding Organic Latex Mattresses

 latex mattress

Brooklyn Bedding has been making mattresses since a really long time now and have a great reputation in the market. Recently they launched their new latex mattress and you will be happy to know that they have maintained their legacy very nicely and their mattress is as good as there other product, topnotch and durable.

If you are looking for a mattress, which gives the best latex foam feel, then this mattress is the one. Unlike other mattress which have the memory foam feeling this one gives it’s user a cool feeling of latex foam, many of it’s users have claimed it to be the best sleeping surface ever.

The built quality of the mattress speaks for the company itself, as we know that the Brooklyn Bedding is an old company, their manufacturers are also more experienced and that is why we see that skill in the build of the mattress. The value of the mattress is also very reasonable, one main reason for this is because Brooklyn Bedding has their own factory and they deliver right at your doorstep, this saves the middle men cost and gives customers with a budget a good deal.

Sleeping hot is a big problem for some people, and whoever has memory foam goes through this trouble but because this is a latex mattress, it never sleeps hot. You will always get a cool sleep. Latex mattress has springs; similarly this one also has that great bouncy feeling. If you are looking for a good mattress for sex, then this option is definitely one of the best.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is made of three layers, 2 inches of Talalay latex, 2 inches of Dunlop latex and 6 inches of high-density poly foam. The cover of the mattress is a quilted cotton polyester blend, which has 3/4-inch tick of poly foam, which gives a plush feel on the top.

On levels of comfort we give this one a 10 out of 10, it sleeps cold and comfortable and also has a great bouncy feeling. It provides great support no matter which side you sleep on, you will feel that all your pressure points are alleviated nicely.

So either you sleep on your back, your stomach or on your sides, with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress you will get a perfect sleep. Before finalizing your order the company gives you the option of selecting your firmness level. There are three levels, high, medium and low, depends on what you prefer the best for yourself.

When it comes to ordering online, many people fear they might not like the product once it delivers, but you should keep that fear out of mind when it comes to ordering from Brooklyn Bedding. The company does not let your try the mattress before because they do not have a store outlet, but after delivering they give you a 120 days return policy with 1005 money back guarantee.

We believe this is even better than buying a mattress after laying on it for 5 minutes in a store. Also there is a less chance that you will find any flaws with this mattress, as the company has been working for years in the market and all of their workers are experienced professionals.

However there can be few reasons why you may not find this mattress to be the perfect one for you. One if you like a complete spring or memory foam mattress, because this is a latex mattress, it does have that spring feeling but not very much.

Secondly, if you want a mattress, which is full of luxurious specs, this one has some top notch features but there are more brands which offer luxurious add-ons. But their return back policy with 100% money back guarantee solves that problem very nicely.


For someone who likes organic talalay latex mattresses and wants the best one, then this model by Brooklyn Beddings is the best option available. It’s comfortable, durable and has great features. Considering the company’s name, its value is also very reasonable. We say its a must have!!


  • Great support for sleeping on all sides.
  • 100% money back guarantees policy.
  • Great latex foam construction.


  • Can only be ordered online.
  • Does not have the complete innerspring feel.


Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Mattress

latex mattress

The lush Beds Botanical Bliss is the first 100% natural latex mattresses in the category of low priced mattresses. Low price does not mean that its cheap, it means that it has specs like expensive mattress but has been made affordable to people who have strict budgets.

If you are someone who loves organic or natural mattresses then you will simply become a fan of this one. You will find many companies in the market claiming that their mattress is 100% natural or organic but the truth is that they do mix some amount synthetic materials, but the Botanical Bliss claims the truth, this mattress really is completely original.

This is made of 100% natural latex, and that is why it offers more spring than memory foams, which makes it a good option for people who like the inner spring feel. The support and comfort of the mattress is also very balanced, unlike memory foams that make you feel like you are stuck in bed, the Botanical Bliss provide support, which makes you sleep comfortably at night. Because of it being a organic mattress made via latex, it lets you sleep cool at all times, a solution for people who hate sleeping on a hot mattress.

This is certainly the best mattress for the money and for your value. There are no middlemen work included, you order directly online, this is way a lot of money is saved there and a good deal is offered to the buyers. People who sleep with a partner often have complaints regarding the motion transfer, like if one person on the mattress moves; it disturbs the other person as well. But latex mattresses cancels out that issue, and the Botanical Bliss has also made that better so you won’t experience that issue with this mattress at all.

The Botanical Bliss comes in three  mattress sizes, 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch, all are made of 100% natural latex. It has an organic cotton cover; the cotton used for the cover is grown without any herbicides and pesticides.

The cover is also knit not woven, which makes it more breathable. We reviewed the 9 inch one, which has 2 inches of natural Talalay Latex Topper and 7 inches of ARPICO organic natural latex. The Talalay is responsible for providing support and comfort.

Considering the fact that it is a 100% natural mattress we agree that it comes at a good value but if we look at the thickness of the mattress then we don’t think the price is justified. Another issue that we felt is with the weight, as it is made completely out of latex its very heavy.

So if you plan on moving the mattress here then sorry but that won’t be possible.


It is one of the best mattress 100% natural latex mattress at a very affordable price. There are few mattresses similar to this at a lower price but their quality is not as good as this one.

With the Botanical Bliss you will experience a comfortable cool sleep without any motion transfer.


  • It is made of 100% natural latex, which is very rare.
  • Highly durable and comfortable.
  • Gives options for firmness and thickness of the mattress.
  • Value for money.


  • Extremely heavy in weight.
  • Hard to move around.
  • Expensive than non-natural mattresses.


The Love Bed Mattress

latex mattresses

The Love Bed is the product of Nest Bedding, that is a branch of mattress stores based in California who is focusing on producing mattresses, which are eco-friendly. We have reviewed more expensive mattresses of similar features and comfort levels before but after reviewing the Love Bed; we were simply in love with it.

As claimed, this mattress is not suitable for everyone and is different from some mattresses but we believe that it is the perfect option for anyone who is interested in buying a good mattress, if it matches their desired preferences.

If you like the idea of mattress being eco-friendly and organic, then you will like this model. The Love Bed is not entirely organic but its very close to being one There are few other companies who are offering organic mattress as well but their prices are very high, so as compared to them this mattress has a good value for money.

This latex love bed mattress is only available online and in company’s own stores, which saves their cost of middle men and gives the buyer a good deal. So if you are on a budget and looking for an eco-friendly mattress, then the Love Bed should be your first choice. This mattress has more bounce to it than memory foams, which allows the user to experience an inner spring feeling.

Latex mattresses are anyways more comfortable than memory foam mattress, but this model is one of the most comfortable mattress we have come across. You will only know this after you have used it yourself. It is also considered to be the best mattress for sex; probably that is why it’s called the Love Bed. Great support and bounce makes sex very comfortable on this mattress.

The model we reviewed had medium level of firmness model; it gave a great plush feeling along with good support and comfort. Never in our experience we faced any sort of back pain issue or discomfort. They offer two levels of firmness, medium and luxury firm, but we found the medium one best according to our preferences, you should choose the one you feel suits you the best.

As it claims to be a great mattress for couples, we tested its motion transfer. We won’t say that there was none but it was very less as compared to most mattresses, so less that it can be bearable. Also because it’s a latex mattress there was no room of it being hot, it provides the best cool feeling while you sleep.

You will find several brands in the market claiming that their mattress is eco-friendly and 100% natural but very less would be fulfilling that promise. Nest Bedding is one company that can be trusted, it has a reputation in the mattress market and we believe in what they say. Love Bed is not completely organic, and that is what the company claims. But the specs and features it offers make it a 100% eco-friendly mattress.

The latex layer of the Love Bed Mattress is Oeko Tex Certified and the foam layer on the base is CertiPur certified. It comes in two heights 10 inch and 11 inch, depending on the level of firmness. It has 2 inch of Energex foam on the top, which helps you sleep cool and also gives great support. Then the next layer is of 1 inch of Smart Flow. The support layer on the base is of 6 inch with a density of 1.8 lb.

There are few minor drawbacks of this mattress, first is that it is a no for people who like to see the product before purchasing. This one is available online or at Nest Beddings’ store in California, but they have covered this issue by giving a 100 days return policy with 100% money back guarantee.


The Love Bed Mattress is a great option for people looking for a good organic mattress in a good budget. It is comfortable, it has a great latex feel, it sleeps cool and has great value for money.


  • Eco-friendly mattress.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Cannot be experienced before hand.
  • Not good for people who prefer a typical spring mattress.


Astrabeds SerenityBed Queen

latex mattress

The Astrabeds SerenityBed Queen is the best example of an all-natural organic latex mattress, it is made free of any kind of toxic chemicals and has been constructed in such a way that it naturally circulates air and eliminates allergens. This mattress is a compilation of 8 inches of different layers, merged together to provide great level of comfort and to release spinal pressure.

The mattress has 100% natural Talalay Latex Topper, organic cotton and wool from and New Zealand. This 8-inch mattress is separated in two parts, one is the six-inch core latex and the remaining two-inch is of the comfort layer. Both of these layers can however be changed according to the type of firmness you want.

The latex layers are hazard free and include chemical glues. The company also allows you to make changes in the layer as per your sleeping preferences. The company wants you to have your best sleep, for which they offer such personalized amendments.

The construction of this mattress has been done in such a manner that it’s more breathable and also lets you sleep cool. Each layer of latex is wrapped in organic cotton covers, and also includes wool. These two things work together and play a vital role in removing heat, moisture and toxins from your body so you can sleep cool at night. This regulation of heat also helps in sleeping more comfortably.

The Astrabeds SerenityBed Queen has the best customer care policies, the guarantees they offer are hard to be rejected. They offer three guarantees; one is the 90-day return back policy with 100% money back guarantee.

Secondly, if you do not like the level of firmness or want to try another one, then you are allowed to easily ask for exchange in the core or comfort layer. Third is that once you have decided to keep the mattress then you get 25-year warranty, which is more than amazing.


The Astrabeds SerenityBed Queen have done a good job in making an all-natural mattress, which gives the customers an experience which is free of allergies and toxins. The heat regulation option is great, which makes you sleep cool and with comfort. This is a great option for people looking for an all-natural organic mattress.


  • All natural organic mattress
  • Offers three great guarantees.
  • Keeps you away from toxins.


  • Cannot be experienced before hand.
  • Not suitable for people looking for inner spring feeling.


Final Verdict

These are some of the best latex mattresses you’ll find in the market right now. All of these have different specs, features and design but one thing common in them is that they are all made of latex foam and are all top notch. Read about each one closely and decide the best one for yourself.

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