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Englander Mattress was formed by a simple mission, to provide people with the comfortable sleep and that they deserve the comfort they need while sleeping.  If you’re looking for a company that is termed as one of the pioneers, than it wouldn’t be wrong to say Englanders is one of them. With time the technology has changed but the company follows its mission and works accordingly.

Englander has a set of variety of bedding line, which is available and designed especially to ensure comfort and luxury to the consumer. There is a great variety of products available, from ViscoPedic Memory Foam, Synergy Fusion combining latex and memory foam, E-Gel with gel-infused memory foam, Posture Support Plus, therapeutic advantages and a great number of products with varying features.

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Englander Mattress Reviews 2016 – 2017

Mattress Line Type Firmness Height Warranty Ratings
Organic Ultra Plush Spring Ultra Plush Varied by Construction 10 years 4.5
Englander Intrigue Tension Ease Innerspring Firm Varied by Model 10 years 4.3
Englander Fusion Foam Foam Hybrid - Memory and Latex Plush 10 -12 Inches 20 years 3.9
Latex Collection Latex Firm 13 - 15 Inches 15 years 4.7
Memory Foam Memory Foam and Gel Plush 12 Inches 20 years 4.2

So we’ve decided to review some of Englander’s Best Mattresses, which you can look up to for purchasing purpose.

Englander | Organic Ultra Plush

englander mattress

Details & Specifications

Among the newest series, the Nature’s Finest Organic line is formed with one hundred certified organic elements. This simply assures that you won’t have any exposure to chemicals and the quality of the manufacture is very well done, the pad and foundation remains in its place.

This conjointly means Englander, as a manufacturer, features a smaller carbon footprint; thereby serving to the atmosphere at a similar time as attempting to assist you get a much better night’s sleep.

From Englander, within the Nature’s Finest Organic Ultra Plush, you will have options of mattresses with, euro-tops, pillow tops, or customary box topnotch. There are many options as to why Nature’s Finest Organic Plush is different from many others. Nature’s Finest Organic mattresses distinctive are shared among the various designs, these can be compared to the recycled steel springs, or natural untreated wood, organic cotton and wool.

Once you have got compared the Nature’s Finest series of totally organic mattresses by Englander to the other options available, you ought to realize this will be compared and contracted for comfort and quality. The sole call you’d have left to create would be whether or not the value of this model is worthwhile and that whether you should go for it or not.


Englander has long been manufacturing for a long time and is reliable manufacturer of quality beds, but when you’re innovating especially when working in the comfort field, these innovations cause the cost go up or sometime in order to save the cost, the quality goes down.

This usually happens when all organic products are being used instead of synthetic products. Given that the prices you get seem to be comparable with premium mattresses of its type, and people can be somewhat concerned, so this is where the 20 year warranty offered by Englander may come in handy on this mattress series more often than others.


  • Eco friendly
  • Helps in giving better night’s sleep
  • The inner bed composition is Natural latex foam with all certified organic wool and cotton, recycled steel springs, and natural wood
  • Comes with a warranty of 20 years


  • The customer service isn’t good
  • The bed gets uneven when one sleeps
  • Durability isn’t as much, as the company claims

Englander Tension Ease

englander mattress

Details & Specifications

Englander’s Tension Ease belongs to the category of “Orthopedic Mattress” as it helps and facilitates the sleeper. The reason why it is named Tension Ease (TE) is because of the innerspring assortment that it has. It provides comfort and relaxation to the sleeper throughout.

As claimed by Englander, as they claim that there are pocket coils, which are basically innerspring on unit of 704 Marshall coils. These stress ease coils are carefully made out of tensile steel, and at Englanders they make sure that all the details and precautions are met when manufacturing.

To ensure that they are quiet and don’t make any sort of noise, these are placed in the pockets. The company also states that these sheathed coils are welded at the highest, and that too ultrasonically, this is claimed by the company itself.

The amazing feature of this bed is that these respond to the person’s body weight in a way that these provide constant support to body. This is actually the coils in the Tension Ease mattress actually responds accordingly, wherever your body is positioned.

One portion of the bed doesn’t bear the whole burden and thus the weight of the body is shared evenly. This ends up in giving your body and spine the correct alignment, so that pressure is provided evenly. Another great impact of the pocket coil system is that the wetting of transfer of motion. What this implies is that once 2 folks are sleeping on an Englander Tension Ease pad, if one moves, it mustn’t disturb the opposite one.

The Englander Tension Ease mattresses are very carefully manufactured, these are made in layers. From the fiber and then layered by the Marshall coils and then topped with the thick cover. Now this layering may cause dispute, as this layering varies with different models.

For instance, in the TE Black Line series, the Super Plush Boxtop has three layers, but of ultra foam and one amongst memory foam thick into the duvet, whereas in the posh Firm there are simply two layers of ultra foam. The names, models and the layering methods greatly vary by the vendors and retailers of the mattress.

Tension Ease mattresses are available Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. In addition, edge support is provided by 3-gauge edge rods, thus the foundations are framed with spruce. The guarantee provided for this product is for ten years.


Many consumers seek for comfortable sleep and along with that they also need to de – stress their bodies, if that’s your case then certainly Englander’s Tension Ease mattresses are meant for this purpose. These are designed in such a way that the manufacturing style can help you get a relaxing sleep through out.


  • Durability like a new product
  • The overall comfort level is good


  • No temperature control
  • The product quality isn’t as high ended as claimed

Englander Synergy Fusion Foam Collection

englander mattress

Details & Specifications

The name Synergy Fusion Foam basically comes from the combination of visco memory foam and natural latex, this makes a hybrid pad. Now these foam hybrids are very different from the conventional hybrids, as there are two types of foams used instead of simply using foam and coils.

Now how these mattresses are different is that the support provided by two mediums is actually turned down, also the inner coil doesn’t make any mattress hybrid, but the 5 by 8 inch of coil and foam makes the mattress well a good hybrid foam.

Englander’s Synergy Fusion Foam mattresses were introduced somewhere near before late 2008. After the introduction of these mattresses many mattress makes have started placing memory foam and latex together in the mattresses.

According to many consumers, they had many bad experiences regarding the body impressions on Englander’s mattresses. This usually occurs if memory foam is used in the foundation layer. Another reason for this complain is that when the beds are one sided only and can’t be flipped so this trouble may arise.

So when the mattresses are burdened from a particular place only than these impressions occur. The memory foam is divided into seven zones with totally different firmnesses. This is often to assist it adapt to the burden and size of a sleeper.

In this mattress, each part plays its own role; the visco-elastic (memory) foam with natural latex, makes its unique in use. The latex core is the main substantiating ingredient in the mattress, then Latex foam which is firm and resilient.

Latex on its own is firmer, and many sleepers are not comfortable in such firmness. Usually consumers are looking for plusher beds these days. Why Latex is preferred is because it is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic. The latex foam used in these beds is method is made by the Dunlop process.

The use of Memory foam is for comfort, so often for this purpose, Englander’s ViscoPedic memory foam is used. Soy oil is employed as a key ingredient, so there is no odor left in the product. This foam conjointly doesn’t have harmful PBDE’s.

Memory foam can get heated so the latex is attributable with regulation of temperatures, since it’s breathable. VPF makes the memory foam air permeable. These foams even have pinholes to reinforce ventilation.

Another feature of this mattress is that there is a motion transfer censor, so if one person moves, the movement doesn’t affect the other sleeper.

When we talk about support, so both the latex and memory foam mattresses want more firm support. These can’t use the regular bed supports. So it is essential that supports with these must be carefully checked. Guarantee is another concern to the consumer, with the Fusion Foam Mattress the guarantee isn’t specifically given.

Even when it comes to the covers, the covers for these mattresses aren’t mentioned whether the covers are available or not, you have to ask help from your retailer.


If you want an undisturbed sleep and don’t even want the other person to cause you disturbance as you sleep so opt for the Synergy Fusion Foam, this is made of latex and memory foam to give you comfort as you sleep.


  • Warrant with the product
  • Hybrid of Latex and Memory foam, for more comfort
  • Motion sensor, to avoid disturbance during sleep


  • Not as durable
  • Customer service isn’t up to the mark

Nature’s Finest Latex Collection

englander mattress

Details & Specifications

The Finest Latex Collection uses latex which is 100% natural, made up of rubber tree sap. Englander shuns artificial and intermingled latex. These comprise of part of a high-density 6″ polyutherene to support cores.

The remainder (organic latex mattresses) has support cores, which are made of firm latex.
Over the support core could be a comfort layer of latex. Latex foam is of course resilient (after all, it’s additionally referred to as foam rubber). Latex is additionally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and resistant to dirt mites.

The pinholes in the latex perforate and allow breathability for freshness and cooling. Similar to memory foam, latex helps the body for pressure relief on joints. In contrast to memory foam, latex recovers quiet quickly, hence making easier for a user to vary positions and to urge out of bed. Latex is additionally sturdy than memory foam and polyfoam.
The covers of the organic mattresses are made of organic cotton. Quilting is minimal so the latex can be easily felt at the surface. The fire barrier, in order to be completely organic is made from wool.
Models within the Nature’s Finest Latex assortment are usually one-sided.

Since, latex mattresses are much heavier in contrast to innerspring mattresses, thus this might be a plus for a few customers. However, being two-sided extends the lifetime of a pad once it’s often flipped.
In usual conditions, the foundations for latex mattresses are simply platform beds and wood slat bases.

However, a good design can cause a lot of change and much improvement. The Nature’s Finest Latex assortment, they’re created with a distinction.

The salts and panels must be sturdy enough to carry the weight. Along with this, Englander’s guarantee on Nature’s Finest Latex mattresses is for fifteen years.


If you’re looking for an option which is much organic and safe from synthetic emissions so this mattress is a good purchase.


  • This is a healthy choice, as it is organic
  • Good customer service
  • 15 years of warranty


  • It gets body impressions
  • A bit expensive

Englander E-Gel Bamboo Collection

englander mattress

Details & Specifications

As the tagline for the E-Gel assortment by Englander is, “Sleep Cool. Play Cool. Live Cool.” they believe to make, ” The most Innovative Product in Bedding is a Mattress that is Totally Cool & Comfortable!” The role of gel in these memory foam mattresses is to cool. However, the outline of the gel will cite support.

The Cool Blue Sleep Technology is the main feature of this line. In E-Gel mattresses this can be a departure from gel infused into memory foam. As Englander claims, the gel cylinders are more durable and provide additional cooling. So there is permanent bonding of memory foam with solid gel cells.

Another claim is, which is a good thing about the solid gel, which additionally reduces vibration. Along this, the solid gel is claimed to be anti-bacterial.

Englander additionally claims health advantages for Cool Blue Sleep Technology: no warming, higher blood circulation, less purpose pressure, spinal support, body size and weight adjustment, additional deep sleep.

Englander’s web site is lightweight on details, however additional information is provided by makers and retailers. According to the manufacturers, for Advanced Sleep ideal lists have four models, Topaz, Turquoise, Sapphire and Opaque gem.

These dissent within the variety of gel cylinders, with 1,500 in Topaz and opaque gem, 2,100 in Turquoise, and 2,100 in Sapphire, that suggests that the diameter of the cylinders varies by model. The firmness of the support core is 28-ILD, and also the memory foam is four lbs. and every model has 2 foam transition layers.

The details of the actual models could be relied on by the manufacturer. Since these are regional, so the model depends on the market and on wherever you reside. Client service is additionally handled by the member makers.

One merchandiser also adds, no motion transfer to the list of advantages, whereas another offers the peak of their model as twelve inches.

No one foundation is suggested for E-Gel models, however this sort of pad wants a stronger foundation than the old-style box springs. Additional wood slats, adjustable bases. And platform beds.

The assurance on E-Gel mattresses is for twenty years, with the primary ten non-prorated and then last ten years prorated.


If you’re up to enjoying the new technology, so this Englander E-Gel Collection is for you. This keeps your body cool and provides the comfort that your body needs, but in order to stay in shape these mattress needs a lot of support and care.


  • 20 years of warranty
  • More health benefits


  • May need extra support to stay stable
  • Features differentiate from region to region.

Discussed are some models of mattresses from Englander Mattress Series. Englander Mattress is known for its innovation but is still lacking in many features. You need to be having clear information of what you want and what each model holds in order to make the right purchasing decision.

In addition, check out our guide on the best cabinet beds on which you can place your Englander Mattress and have a sound sleep everytime!


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  • I am looking for an Englander Solace. I have one in a full size and I love it. It is just what I need for back issues. I need one in a queen and can’t find one anywhere. Is there one that is equivalent? Thank you for emailing me back your suggestion.

  • My first mattress was an Englander and I have never been able to find another brand that could compare to the durability. We are talking about 40 yrs ago.

  • Do you have any information on the 805 coil gel lumbar Englander #7840? How do their coil mattresses stack up with other brands?

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