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When you live in a small apartment, you don’t have enough space to have a separate bedroom for yourself. Cabinet Bed is a perfect alternative bedding option in this case. You’d rather use it as a wellbeds for something more productive like a study room or a dressing room. In other cases, even if you do have a separate bedroom, you will not want to waste all of it with just a king sized bed. People prefer making their rooms interesting and more useful by accommodating sofas, dressing tables, and even televisions.


cabinet bed

Cabinet Bed Reviews

Cabinet Bed Brand Features Dimensions
Arason Enterprises Creden-ZzZ Queen Size 64 x 24 x 43 in
Night and Day Furniture Murphy Double Queen Size 83 x 64 x 41 in
Night and Day Furniture Bed with Mattress Queen Size Convertible 83 x 64 x 41 in
Atlantic Furniture Murphy Chest Bed Queen White 24.5 x 63.8 x 41 in
Coaster Home Furnishings Sleeper Bench King Size 48 x 28.5 x 17.5 in
Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Bed Twin Cappuccino 77.8 x 51.8 x 50.5 in
Zinus Folding Guest Bed Twin White 38 x 75 x 19 in
Fu-Chest Traditional Pekoe Cabinet Bed Queen 24 x 64 x 39 in
Arason Beds Flip Top Cabinet Bed Queen 64 x 25 x 43 in

If you too want such a thing, then you will have to cut down the size of your bed. At this point, you might think of putting a folding wall bed or just a folding cabinet bed, but then these options wouldn’t be that stylish and comfortable to use.

They sure have been around for a while and continue to provide use to customers, but the feel isn’t faultless. There are loopholes, and people are always looking for new products that overcome the issues with previous ones. This is where cabinet bed come in and offer a great alternative for these sofas come beds and floor beds.

Fu Chest Traditional Pekoe – Credenza Cabinet Bed 

If you are looking for something similar to a Murphy bed that is perfect for small living spaces or just for use as an extra bed, but costs lower than a murphy bed then this is the bed for you. The bed has a very traditional color and an overall look that appears very classic and timeless.

The Creden-ZzZ cabinet bed features a freestanding cabinet, and you don’t have to bolt it to the wall, unlike a murphy bed. It has a usable top surface to put your items on, and these can be pushed back which will flip open the bed from top, all the latches, front panel locks and the safety chains are hidden inside, which gives a very neat and clean look to the bed.

The bed comes with a large storage drawer where you can put your pillows or blankets when the bed is not in use. The top surface is 39 inches high, which gives plenty of headroom without making it uneasy to use the cabinet top. The bed has stop hinges as well, which allow you to use the bed without removing all the items from the cabinet top.

It comes with a memory foam tri-fold mattress, which is divided into three mattress segments that cannot be separated at all when laid flat and when folded it fits into the cabinet very nicely. The bed can support up to 500 pounds, features a robust plywood construction and comes in dimensions of 64 inches width, 39 inches height, and 83 inches in length.

The bed has very positive feedback, with almost 80 percent five-star ratings. The timely delivery and the amazing quality of the bed was admired by all users, it requires very little assembly and can fit right in any place perfectly.

Original Queen Creden-ZzZ – Coffee Bed 

This cabinet bed by Creden-ZzZ comes in a beautiful coffee color and is for those that want to utilize their space efficiently and effectively, without compromising on the look and appearance of their home.

This cabinet style bed doesn’t have to be latched or bolted onto the walls or floor of your room. The cabinet stands on its own and can be conveniently opened from the top to pull out the bed, and the bed comes with a tri-fold mattress, which fits perfectly and is very comfortable, all the latches, chains and the front panel locks are genius hidden inside the cabinet.

With the flip top open, there is no issue of headroom. The bed gives you plenty of storage space in the form of a large drawer and an easily usable top surface. The bed is made using robust plywood; the strength, sturdiness and the quality of the bed speak volumes of the excellent craftsmanship behind it. When opened up the bed is 64 inches wide, 39 inches tall and 83 inches long, and it can support an impressive weight of 500 pounds.

The feedback for the bad has been amazing. With a stellar rating of four point nine out of five stars, the bed is loved by all users for its solid built, and customers love the fact that it is so multi-purpose and the coffee color and design of the bed help it fit perfectly in any place. The comfort that the bed offers with its amazing design and memory foam mattress has also gotten a lot of praise.

Aragon Enterprises Creden-ZzZ Queen


For those of you that are looking for space efficient bed that gives a charming look to their space, this cabinet bed is perfect you. The bed comes in the color cottage black, which is a distressed black that has been rubbed to reveal a beautiful subtle dark cherry tone, it has pewter hardware and bead board faux doors that give it a look that is perfect for both modern and exotic interiors, you can put it anywhere in your den, offices, ski-lodges and hunting cabins.

This Creden-ZzZ style cabinet bed can be called the lower cost alternative to a Murphy bed, and it comes with a memory foam with tri-fold mattress which is 6 inches in thickness, the three mattress segments are sewn together, so they don’t separate even when the bed is laid flat.

The bed has a usable top surface and a nice drawer, it is easy to open and close, so it doesn’t seem like a chore, you can use it as a freestanding cabinet the entire day, and without putting much effort into transforming it, you have a bed to sleep in at night time. The bed supports about 500 pounds of weight and gives you plenty of headroom so you can sit in it comfortably. Overall it is 43 inches high, 64 inches wide, 24 inches deep and weighs about 240 pounds.

As far as feedback is concerned, customers have given very positive reviews for this bed. They found it easy to unfold and put away, which is a great plus when it comes to cabinet beds, customers loved the quality and the appearance of the bed and found it very easy to assemble and strong and sturdy.

Bestar Pur Murphy Wall Queen Sized Bed


This Murphy bed by Bestar pur is a modern twist on normal traditional Murphy beds because of it elegant, clean lines which can give any space a simple yet rich and modern look. The bed comes in a number of wood finishes so it can be adapted to any space that has a free open wall and some space, the choice of chocolate, gray or white finish makes it easier to fit in your place with any theme.

The bed consists of a metal frame with a modern wooden cabinet, made out of hardwood; at a glance the cabinet looks like a large two-door armoire or a wardrobe. Once you pull at the metal hardware the bed comes down, the opening and closing of the bed are made super easy due to piston assistance. The bed has built in European slat support so no need for a box spring.

The bed is available in multiple sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your living situation and preference. When opened the bed stands at the height of 83.7 inches, the width of 58.6 inches and a depth of 20.3 inches, it will cover a space of 83.5 inches in length. The bed has a scratch-resistant melamine exterior so even if you are very clumsy you can easily protect it. You have to install the bed yourself, but it comes with an installation video to help you with that.

With around 70 percent customers giving this bed a five-star rating, the bed has had amazing feedback from users. They found it very sturdy once put together, and the assembling did not require much time for most customers. The bed is very comfortable and a great dual-purpose furniture piece.

Bestar Versatile – Queen Sized Wall Bed 

The Bestar versatile 70-inch queen wall bed comes in a gorgeous rich Tuscany brown color and will help you utilize your space effectively and efficiently in any house, condo, loft, studio, guest room or even a makeshift office space that can be used as a bedroom when you want to sleep. The simplistic design of the bed makes it adaptable to any living space and that too with great efficiency.

This bed will help you organize your storage needs perfectly. The bed is very top quality and is very durable, it has a melamine finish that is scratch, stain and burns resistant so the bed will last you ages without the slightest damage to its looks.

The bed doesn’t include a mattress, but you can easily accommodate a standard queen mattress on tit with a maximum thickness of 12 inches. Overall the bed is 69.4 inches wide, 89.9 inches tall and 22.6 inches deep, it also has 9.5 inches of free space underneath, the bed does require you to assemble it yourself, but it is very easy to put together and won’t take much effort.

The bed holds up very well and is very sturdy, it is easy to assemble, and you don’t have to be an expert on it, the quality of the bed is impeccable, and that is why all customers have been extremely happy with their purchase, the bed will last ages and it has a very timeless, simple look that can fit the needs of any room, without stepping out of the place’s theme at all. Pulling the bed down at night time and pushing it back in its place in the morning is also very easy. Perfect for any place needing a space-efficient solution the bed has made the lives of many much easier.

Bestar 115 Inches Wall Bed


This bed is for those people out there that not only want to save their existing space but also want more organized storage space to store all their books, decoration pieces or other knick knacks in then this bed solves all your space problems because of the fact that it is a wall bed. So you don’t have a lot of free space during day times, and the other winning point is it comes with storage units. And on top of all this, it has a very nice homely appearance as well.

This includes a queen wall bed and a 25-inch storage unit. It looks like a normal wardrobe, but once you use the handles to pull the bed towards you and flips it’s legs down, the comfortable and nicely made bed is there at your disposal. The bed can accommodate a standard queen size mattress of up to 12 inches thickness, and it has support, so you don’t require a box spring, the bed is overall 69.4 inches in length, 22.6 inches wide and 89.9 inches tall.

It has wire grommet in the back panel so you can have access to all your electricity outlets. The bed is finished in a durable scratch, stain and burn resistant melamine and has a gorgeous crown molding. It requires some assembly, but it is pretty simple.

Each storage unit comes with two fixed and four adjustable shelves so you can customize it to fit your needs; the space these storage units offer is big enough to store a number of your things in. Overall it is 25 inches wide, 20 inches deep, 85 inches tall.  

The bed comes with a 10-year warranty which goes to show how much faith the manufacturers have in the bed and how durable, sturdy and good quality this bed must be. The 4.5-star customer rating of the bed also says a lot about its excellence. Customers found it very beautiful, functional and well made. The bed is very comfortable and sturdy, and you can put it together easily.

In addition, check out our guide on the best L Shaped Bunk Beds as well if you want something else than a cabinet bed. 

Murphy Bed Cabinet 

Cabinet beds, as the name suggests, is a bed that folds back into a cabinet. The size of the queen wall bed is as big as any other normal bed, but the only difference is that because of its folding feature, you can make use of the space when it is not in use. The bed folds in and out in total three folds. The main hype about these wall beds is all about the space saving feature and how it doesn’t even total to half the size of a usual bed. When we talk about these wallbeds being space savers, it will only be clearer actually to mention exactly how it saves space.

If you have a studio apartment

For all those people who live in a studio apartment face a lot of issues when it comes to accommodating different pieces of furniture. They have the same area for bedroom and living room as it all blends together. Cabinet bed will allow them to use that one piece of furniture like a bed and then close it when during the day or when friends come over. This way no one would know that there is a bed in the room.

Bedroom with many uses

Many people prefer having every facility in their personal room. They plan to make their bedroom their study as well and gym as well. No matter how big of a bedroom you have, it will get really difficult to accommodate all of it in one area. This is mainly because of the king sized bed that is present in all rooms. A bed is that one piece of furniture that takes up the most space. For this reason, if you replace that with a cabinet bed, then you can easily manage all that in your room. During the day, you can fold the bed and make space for other activities.

Use your living room as a guest room

Not all homes have an extra guest room. In these cases, the guests have to sleep on couches or floor mattresses, and this gets really embarrassing for the host. Cabinet beds, therefore, can be placed in your living room and whenever you want you can fold it out into a bed so that your guests don’t feel uncomfortable.

Kids on the weekend

There are situations where your children only come and visit you on the weekend, maybe because they live in hostels or because they are married. A good way to utilize their rooms is by placing bookcase beds instead of usual beds; this way you can make use of the space when the kids are not there.

The space saving feature of this bookcase bed is what has made it so popular amongst young people. It can fit almost anywhere, and it will just look like a cabinet. There is a door, which you can pull out like a drawer, and the mattress bed will fold out in full size. So, it saves space and in addition to that becomes a nice furniture piece to complement the room’s setting.

Apart from the space saving feature, cabinet beds can be described in terms of 3 words that perfectly describe its importance.

Why Choose Space Saving Beds?


cabinet bed


All companies that are making cabinet beds are really careful in their manufacturing. They use the finest quality of wood to make it so that the reliability and durability of the beds can be guaranteed. Oregon birch plywood is an example of the wood type that is used in the manufacturing of these beds.

Cabinet beds are exclusive beds that are made to suit the specific needs of customers and therefore only renowned brand undertake its production. As a result, they are all made with high-quality materials. In addition to that, since the bed has to be folded in and out repeatedly, the wood quality has to be good. Otherwise, it would not function properly.


The bed is all about convenience. No one would want to try any new product unless they are sure of the fact that it will be easy for them to use. Cabinet beds are not only great for saving space but are even more easy to use. It will not take you more than 30 seconds to fully pull out the drawer and change it into bed. Not only that, the size of this bed is just 1/3 of a regular bed, so the convenience gets further elevated.


Comfort can be talked about in terms of many aspects. Cabinet beds easily fit mattresses on top of it, which ensures that the user will get a comfortable sleep. There is usually an option to fit more than one type of mattress so that the user can decide according to his or her requirements. This bed will give you exactly the same comfort as any other bed would give. It is great for when guests come over and therefore, no one will have to sleep on a couch or floor just because there wasn’t room for another bed.

Benefits of Cabinet Beds

  • Easy installation

Now this is a huge advantage of this bed even when we compare it to others of its kind like the wall Murphy beds. Now those beds have to be installed into the wall with using drills and nuts. This bed, on the other hand, does not require any drilling. The entire unit of this bed is self-contained, and everything is already attached. When you buy a cabinet bed, all you have to do is get the bed delivered to your home and by a mattress. This will complete the process.


  • Usable folded state

Even when you fold the bed back into a drawer, the after the state of it can still be used and will not go to waste. You can use that cabinet as a stand to put your belongings, put a small TV on it or just sue it for any other purpose. Due to this reason, you can place this bed almost anywhere in the house because even after being folded in, the furniture piece will still give you benefit.


  • Portable

It may seem like as if the cabinet is really huge since it fits in a whole bed inside. The reality, however, is different because the size of the cabinet is really manageable and you can fit it almost anywhere. You can easily move the bed to any room that you want and two people will be enough to move the bed. This portability feature doesn’t limit the function of the bed to just one place. Other beds are really heavy, and you think thrice before deciding to move it, but with cabinet beds, you can easily do it within minutes.


  • Look great as well

Now, some people may start worrying about the outlook of this bed and that whether or not it will match the décor. Cabinet beds are always made of wood, and you can choose the particular color according to what you want. Since the bed is really compact, it will totally complement the décor of your room and if not anything, only make it look better. Despite when the bed is open or closed, this piece of furniture will always look good.

So, if you have no time for long installation sessions and you quickly want an easy solution for your space and sleeping problems, then you should definitely think about buying this cabinet bed. Before you buy it, it is important that you check for the brand and see how their history is with making beds and also what customers have to say about it. Other than this, cabinet bed is modern day furniture that  will speak for its class and functionality.

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  • There is only one company that is made in North America and uses Plywood from Oregon and offers Mattress choices and made to order colors ,CabinetBed Inc your article leads consumers to believe that ALL companies use real wood rather then a blend of Solids and MDF or compressed wood.You also show a open Stanley Cabinet Bed made by CabinetBed Inc and do not mention this a video by Expand Furniture Showing the ease of operation of the Park Avenue model Cabinet Bed with side piers made by CabinetBed Inc .

    As to not confuse confuse people that are searching for a Cabinet Bed product , you should mention that all Cabinet Beds made by CabinetBed Inc are made in Abbotsford BC Canada and are made to order with color and hardware and mattress choices , unlike product shipped in containers from overseas and have no options ,except the color choices choosen by the company selling them or any other options.

    Your comments .

    All companies that are making cabinet beds are really careful in their manufacturing. They use the finest quality of wood to make it so that the reliability and durability of the beds can be guaranteed. Oregon birch plywood is an example of the wood type that is used in the manufacturing of these beds.

    Cabinet beds are exclusive beds that are made to suit the specific needs of customers and therefore only renowned brand undertake its production. As a result, they are all made with high-quality materials. In addition to that, since the bed has to be folded in and out repeatedly, the wood quality has to be good. Otherwise, it would not function properly.

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