Adjustable Air Beds will Help you curb your Back Pain Issues

Adjustable Air Beds | Top 5 Revealed

Air mattresses come very handy in emergency case if guests come around, or whether you’re out camping. Adjustable Air Beds or better known as a zero gravity bed are gaining more popularity with the time passing.

As people realize how technology has changed and evolved with time, so have people realized its importance. Well you might worry which is the best buy, and which one can accommodate what you need, so the worrisome days are over.

We bring you the top 5 adjustable air beds & zero gravity beds to help you choose according to your need.

Model Height Mattress Size Pump Type Price
SoundAsleep Dream Series Raised Queen Built In Check it Out
SoundAsleep Camping Series Low Twin/ Queen External Check it Out
Intex Raised Downy Airbed Raised Queen Built In Check it Out
Insta-Bed Ez Raised Queen Built In Check it Out
Insta - Never Flat Pump Raised Twin/ Queen Built In Check it Out

Adjustable Air Beds | Reviews & Ratings


SoundAsleep Dream Air |  Comfort Coil | High Capacity Pump

adjustable air beds

It is not new news that SoundAsleep has one of the best air mattresses in town. Their quality, features are all set to give you comfort and convenience that you, as a consumer demand. SoundAsleep works on its mattresses, with innovation and is certainly one of the most demanded air mattresses company in the market.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series with Comfort Coil Technology and high compatibility pump is without a doubt one of the most renowned product in the market and it promises to bring you comfort with its great number of features.

Features & Specifications

The mattress comes with several great deals, the first thing is the size: the mattress is queen sized which implies a larger area that is a great satisfaction for any customer. The pad encompasses a giant surface; this can be supported by forty coils, that helps the pad to stay in its form and and that it remains in its shape, and there is no disturbance no matter how long you sleep.

Among a great number of features the one of the most useful options that’s provided in this mattress is that it’s waterproof prime. This implies that there’s no risk hooked up if water spills somehow, or perhaps the sweating will cause any issues on that.

Looking more into the details, the pump provided with the mattress has pretty easy instructions, so the customers can easily understand and use it and therefore the internal pump inflates and deflates on its own and in as smallest time as four minutes. A further addition to this is the “Sure Grip” that keeps the pad intact throughout and there aren’t any possibilities of slithering.

As the time passes all mattresses need re-inflation however in the SoundAsleep Dream Series mattress it is incredibly sturdy, because it easily carries up to five hundred pound. There are also several puncture proof materials so there is no risk of damage to the mattress. Additionally there is carry bag along with this mattress, so the portability becomes very easy.

Another fantastic work is by the client service; the client service facilitates the purchasers through call or e-mail and is usually prompt and prepared to assist. This adds up to a good perk. The mattress additionally comes with a year guarantee; this develops the trust and loyalty of the patron.


If you want to opt for the value, and are seeking for ease and luxury then SoundAsleep Dream Series with Comfort Coil Technology and Internal high capability pump ought to be your definite choice! With several captivating options, the client is valued and treated with status.


• Features an inside pump, with just one – click style.

• Inflation and deflation are straightforward through the pump

• Maintains form

• “Sure Grip” bottom

• No or smallest air loss

• Can be adjusted to desired firmness

• The cover is water proof

• Puncture-resistant layers

• Excellent client service

• Can carry up to five hundred pounds



• PVC stretching within the initial use

• Noisy pump

• Noise throughout inflation and deflation

• Dimpling on the pad

SoundAsleep Camping Series with Rechargeable Air Pump

adjustable air beds

SoundAsleep not solely seeks the comfort but also works on the performance as to match the humanly needs and comfort. The SoundAsleep Camping series is specially designed for outdoor use. 

The company ensures that all of its products are up to the mark and that there are no flaws. Well, in short, SoundAsleep Camping mattress with enclosed rechargeable pump is presently one among the simplest camping mattress offered within the market.

Details & Specifications

SoundAsleep Camping Series mattress with rechargeable vacuum pump is obtainable in twin and queen size, relying upon the client usage. These are super smart in usage and can be truly inflated easily with no worry, and per some client reviews it will keep inflated for 3 days with none air loss. 

The method of inflation is easy and can be done in 3 minutes and it’s done simply through the pump that is given with the acquisition of the mattress. The pump is extremely heavy powered thus it’s an easy go for outings and journeys.

Since the pump is external it can also be charged with a car’s battery or at home with power supply. It just needs a charge of 24 hours and it is all good to go. This fully charged pump can inflate 6 times before it wants further charging.

The Comfort Coil technology is specially designed with I-Beam Air coils. In less complicated words, the merchandise is intended and designed in a way so it can be used for outdoor purposes. The mattress is designed in a way so that it can easily resist the hurdles which are often experienced outdoors, for this purpose the pad is formed with additional thick material. The complete packaging is formed from reclaimable material, creating it even surroundings friendly.

This product is extremely valued and the price is also pocket friendly, when compared to the features. This one product can go a long way Since SoundAsleep focuses a great deal of the client’s comfort, so the surface is designed in a way that it is stable and while sleeping the body isn’t in any discomfort.


If you’re an individual preferring several outings than this airbed is your right answer, because it is sturdy, thanks to the material of this Camping Series It is also obtainable in desired sizes. Even the pump is economical for outdoors.


  • Provides with comfort

    • Durable, because itencompasses aheap of puncture-free material

    • The air retention will last up to three days

    • The pump is very heavy powered, and can be used multiple times while not being charged

    • Available in 2 sizes, i.e. Twin and Queen sizes

    • Easy inflation, within three minutes

    • Carry bag provided with the mattress

    • User friendly service, offered through call or e-mail

    • One year warrantee given with purchase


  • The flocked high of the pad gets dirty very easily
  • The weight of the padis extremely heavy
  • Non accessibilityof pillow onthis pad, that gets discomforting
  • The battery doesn’t last as long because the bed
  • There is no way to detect if there is battery left within the-pump
  • The bed makes squeakingsound if there’s movement thereon

Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

adjustable air beds

Intex Corporation has been producing mattresses for an extended time; their priority is to provide ideal sleep.

All of their products are meant for this specific purpose solely. Their main tagline is whether or not you’re outdoors, indoors, or be it any place within the world you definitely need a good sleep, therefore for this purpose they’ve created range of good sleeping mattresses.

They have the range of air sleeping system so that everyone can get the luxurious sleep they dream of. They even give with air sleeping system therefore on provide the luxurious sleep that everybody dreams of.

The Intex Raised Downy Airbed with inherent electrical pump is among one of those comfortable bed that is portable and is simple to travel with.

Features & Specifications

One of the foremost exceptional options of the Intex Raised Downy Airbed with inbuilt electrical pump is that its bottom has a similar style of comfort that’s provided by a conventional mattress, and also the flocked high top provides comfort that is very similar to the standard mattress. This mattress is twenty two inches high that makes it almost the same height as that of typical beds.

The inbuilt pump is quick and inflates in three to four minutes, that is watchful and your bed is prepared as shortly as you wish to sleep or relax. The pump wants a continual offer of electrical power to stay in working position; there’s no alternative method except for this. The top which is flocked is also water proof, that adds a lot of comfort and ease, therefore you don’t have a lot of to stress regarding the spillages. There’s conjointly notched space on the top of the mattress in order that the sheets are easily secured on the pad.

Since the fabric isn’t proof against sharp objects, it ought to kept in mind that the place (whether inside or outdoors) shall be clear from any sharp objects.

The durability of the merchandise is good; it will carry up to 600 pounds and will be well off if you use it for special events solely. The top has fifteen, and the side areas are secured with sixteen vinyl gauges to allow more sturdiness.


The product is nice enough for individuals who’re searching for a transportable mattress at a cheaper price however dependableness isn’t one thing they’ll want. For a extended term use several alternatives and higher choices are available.


  • Very lowpriced

    • The pumpis internal

    • A height of twenty-two inches

    • The inflation and deflation method is quick

    • The valve mechanically shuts off once not in use, this prevents the air discharge

    • Vinyl gauges added on the highest and sides for extended sturdiness

    • The top of the pad is flocked and waterproof

• the mattress could stretch over time

• stretching over the initial few inflation of the mattress

• It wants electrical power to inflate

• There isn’t any pledge with the merchandise


Insta-Bed Ez Adjustable Air Beds & Mattresses

adjustable air beds

Features & Details

Insta-bed is noted for never compromising on a comfortable sleep. They’ve continually centered on the comfort and therefore the importance of luxurious sleep.

You never have to worry wherever you’re traveling to nor whether or not the places you are off to have comfy beds or not? Or at a camp where there aren’t any beds offered. Honestly, a night’s sleep is crucial to perform higher, to fancy higher.

Insta-Bed EZ Bed mattress uses one technology that keeps the bed inflated throughout the sleeping time and ensures a good sleep.


The bed is best suited for indoor use; the Never Flat technology monitors the pressure throughout the night or whenever in use and keeps the bed from deflating. The firmness of the bed will be adjusted per your own need, from plush, to medium or either firm. There are 2 pumps in this mattress; the first one inflates the entire bed at an interval of four minutes, maximum. The directions are very simple to follow and most of the procedure is followed on its own.

The flocked top is reassuring and even helps the sheets to stay in their place. There are a total of forty eight circular coils, which provide a lot of comfort and help in sleeping. Even there aren’t any air leakages, which cause these mattresses to de-shape. Along the mattress, for portability there is cover provided so you can roll it up and put away in a closet.

It will carry up to five hundred pounds of weight that is just about enough for 2 adults. Most of the users are happy with the convenience and its sturdiness. To top it all it comes with a guaranty of 1 year, it’s an honest catch. The built-in options are nice, even one doesn’t feel cold throughout the night, thanks to the air within.


If you’re searching for one thing simple to line up and that can be simply maintained then Insta-Bed EZ Bed mattress may be a sensible choice. It’s not terribly friendly on the pocket however the convenience it provides is terrific. Thus if you’re searching for one thing used for indoors, than opt for it. It’s reliable and a secure possibility offered.


• Easy setup

• A carry bag

• Made of PVC

• Can modify the firmness per own comfort

• One year warrantee

• Can carry up to five hundred pounds

• Built in pump

• The motion transfer is great


• Not budget friendly

• It is heavy in weight

Insta Raised Air Bed – Never Flat Pump

best adjustable air beds

Features & Details

In the words of InstaBeds it’s perpetually a hunt to seek out the correct bed. Whether it’s for normal use, or for instant guests, or for travel purpose, a decent bed is usually super essential as a decent night’s sleep is incredibly vital.

Keeping this specific purpose in mind, Insta Raised Air bed came up with the flat pump, it is in several cases on the top among its competitors. The 2 pumps connected keep the bed in its place and maintains the firmness, making it the Never Flat pump.


Insta Raised air bed with Never Flat pump has helped the buyer to and helped them to eliminate such mattresses that deflates through the night and provides a troublesome sleep. It provides the shoppers with comfort and convenience. The one of the great feature is that the height of the mattress that is raised enough therefore it helps the sleeper to get in and out of the bed very easily.

The coils within the bed makes the surface rightly balanced and therefore the user will decide the firmness through the given choices, i.e. plush, medium or firm, whichever suits the buyer best. Even for storage purpose, a carrying bag is provided along the mattress.

As the name states “Never Flat Pump”, the pump keeps the pad firm throughout the night. The pump additionally provides the benefit of fast inflation, with inflation times of 3 minutes. One pump, i.e. the secondary pump is that it offers auto shutoff for inflation and deflation, that the client has no worries with relevancy to keep the mattress alright. And another positive point of this mattress is that it also has flocked top. The flocked top helps in keeping the bedding in its place so it doesn’t slip.

Keeping up with its name the “Never Flat” pump that is a secondary pump that keeps the pad in its place throughout. With another key feature it offers, the mattress keeps up to its firmness, be it plush, medium or firm. Not solely this, there are sensors connected that monitor the atmospheric pressure and keep it all balanced.


If continuous power offer isn’t heavy for you then select this bed. As it’s comfy, keeps flocked and is in line with your budget – line, and has several options to supply you with comfort.


  •  It weighs aroundtwenty fivepounds, which makes it very light-weight

    • Customized firmness will be achieved

    • Secondary pump maintains the atmospheric pressure

    • Bag for carrying given with the mattress

    • Flocked top, that keeps the bedding intact

    • Inflates and deflates simply and mechanically with the pump

    • The coils create it comfy to sleep in

    • Full replacement guarantee is provided


  • The need of constant power so to keep it inflated throughout the sleeping time

    • The temperature and atmosphere changes alter the firmness of the bed

    • The given punctures get troublesome to use if there are any tears or punctures


So provided above are the three best companies which have air mattresses. These mattresses are adjustable according to your need and use. So if you want the best adjustable air beds in town, these are your top options!

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