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Portable Mattress | A Bed which you take anywhere

Portable Mattress | Explained

The world is always ready to take up on new technological advances, the human life has excelled and grown at a very fast pace. To accommodate the changes even technology has played its full role, from cell phones to electronics everything has altered the way we live. Similarly, the concept of portable mattress is new to many and for some this is a necessity.

Portable Mattress – Best Portable Mattress for Adults

Many people ask this question that what is the best portable mattress? To answer this query and to cater the need for people who need portable mattresses, we’ve compiled the top 10 portable mattress for adults, so let’s take a look at the best ones available.

After reading the reviews mostly people begin to think that where to buy portable mattress from ? Well, you don’t need to worry about that.


SoundAsleep – Portable Bed

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SoundAsleep has invested their time in developing the right solution for a sound sleep along with comfort and convenience, it is not hidden that SoundAsleep products focuses on human comfort along portability, which is the main demand of with regards to foldable mattress in consumers lately.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series with Comfort Coil Technology and Internal high capacity pump is without a doubt one of the best product available in the air mattress market. If you plan to invest in it, this will bring you comfort as well as the ease that is provided by its features.

Features | Details | Specifications

The mattress comes with a lot many great deals, first thing first; the mattress is queen sized which means a greater space which is soothing for any consumer. The mattress has a large surface; this is supported by 40 coils, which helps the mattress to remain in its shape and so that it does not lose its shape throughout the sleeping time.

One of the most beneficial features that are provided in this mattress is that it has waterproof top. This means that there is no risk attached if water spills somehow, or even the sweating can cause any problems on it.

Furthermore, the pump according to the consumers is easy to use, as the instructions which are provided are easy to follow and the internal pump inflates and deflates on its own and in as minimal time as 4 minutes. Along with this, there is “Sure Grip” which keeps the mattress intact throughout and there are no chances of slipping.

With time all the mattress require re-inflation but in this aspect SoundAsleep Dream Series Portable Air Mattress is very durable, as it can carry up to 500 pounds, along with many puncture-proof materials so as to prevent any damage. Also these are provided along carry bags so it is easy to transport and carry around.

Another phenomenal work is by the customer service; the customer service facilitates the customers through call or e-mail and is always prompt and ready to help. This adds up to a great perk. The mattress also comes with a year guarantee; this develops the trust and loyalty of the consumer.


If you can go for the price, and are seeking for ease and comfort then SoundAsleep Dream Series with Comfort Coil Technology and Internal high capacity pump should be your definite choice! With many enthralling features, the customer is also treated with prestige.


  • Features an internal pump, with only one – click design.
  • Inflation and deflation are easy through the pump
  • Maintains shape
  • “Sure Grip” bottom
  • No or minimal air loss
  • Can be adjusted to desired firmness
  • The top is water proof
  • Puncture-resistant layers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Can carry up to 500 pounds


  • PVC stretching in the initial use
  • Noisy pump
  • Noise during inflation and deflation
  • Dimpling on the mattress
  • A little cold sleeping surface


SoundAsleep – Portable Beds for Adults

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SoundAsleep not only seeks the comfort but also keeps on working on the other humanly requirements along comfort. The SoundAsleep Camping Series is specially designed for outdoor use. The company has many products which excel for their respective purposes.

Long talk, short, SoundAsleep Camping Series Air mattress with included rechargeable air pump is currently one of the best portable mattress for camping available in the market.

Features | Details | Specifications

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air mattress with included rechargeable air pump is available in twin as well as queen size, depending upon the customer usage. These are super good in usage and can be actually inflated anywhere without any worry, plus according to some consumer reviews it can stay inflated for three days without any air loss.

The process of inflation can be done in three minutes and it is done easily through the pump which is provided with the purchase of the mattress. The pump is very heavy powered so as to go well on outing trips. Since the pump is external it can be charged at ease, whether at home or during camping from the car’s battery. It needs a total of 24 hours of charge and can then inflate 6 times before it needs any charging.

The Comfort Coil technology is specially designed with I-Beam Air coils. In simpler words, the product is designed in a way that it is durable for using outdoors. The design of the mattress is carefully done, as it has to resist the hurdles which are normally found outdoors, for this purpose the mattress is made with extra thick material. The entire packaging is made from recyclable material, making it even environment friendly.

This product is very price friendly and no doubt the quality goes beyond the price, this is rather the best plus point. Since SoundAsleep focuses a lot on the customer comfort, therefore the surface has a proper shape and is a perfect fit as it doesn’t end up giving sleeping discomfort.


If you’re a person who prefer many outings than this portable mattress for travel is the ideal solution. As it is durable due to its material and is available in desired sizes. Even the air pump is efficient for outdoors.


  • Provides with comfort
  • Durable, as it has a lot of puncture-free material
  • The air retention can last up to 3 days
  • The pump is heavy powered, and can be used multiple times without charging
  • Available in two sizes, i.e. Twin and Queen sizes
  • Easy inflation, within 3 minutes
  • Carry bag also being provided
  • User friendly service, available through call or e-mail
  • One year warranty provided with purchase


  • The weight of the mattress is very heavy
  • The flocked top of the mattress gets dirty, as it is a camping mattress so dirt is readily collected on top of it
  • Non availability of pillow along this mattress, which gets discomforting
  • The battery doesn’t last as long as the bed; battery can’t be changed through the life time of the bed.
  • There is no way to detect the battery left in the pump.
  • The bed makes squeaky sound if there’s movement on it.


Insta Raised

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In the words of InstaBeds it’s always a quest to find the right bed. Whether it’s for regular use, or for last minute guests, or for travelling purpose, a good bed is always super essential as a good night’s sleep is very important.

Keeping this specific purpose in mind, Insta Raised Air bed with never flat pump is designed and serves as a portable mattress for guests. The two pumps attached keep the bed in its place and maintains the firmness, this is the Never Flat pump.

Features | Details | Specifications

Insta Raised air bed with never flat pump has helped the consumer to get rid of such mattress which deflates through the night and give a disturbing sleep. It provides the customers with comfort and convenience.

The one of the good feature is the height of the mattress, which is raised enough so it helps to get in and get out of the bed easily. The coils inside the bed makes the surface very well balanced and the user can decide the firmness through the given options, i.e. plush, medium or firm, whichever suits the consumer best. Even for storage purpose, a carrying bag is provided along the mattress.

As the name states “Never Flat Pump”, the pump keeps the mattress firm throughout the night. The pump also provides the ease of quick inflation, with inflation times of three minutes. One of the features of the primary pump is that it offers auto shutoff for inflation and deflation, so the consumer has no worries with regard to keep the mattress alright.

A very high positive point of the mattress is its flocked top. Yes! The flocked top keeps the bedding in its place and it doesn’t slip.

Keeping up with its name the “Never Flat” pump is a secondary pump which keeps the mattress in its place throughout. With a constant power supply the mattress keeps to its firmness, be it plush, medium or firm. Not only this, there are sensors attached which monitor the air pressure and keep it all balanced.


If continuous power supply isn’t troubling for you then go for this bed. As it’s comfortable, keeps flocked and is easy on the pocket, along many features to provide you with comfort.


  • Queen sized, making it comprise of large surface area.
  • It weighs around 25 pounds, which makes it very lightweight.
  • Customized firmness can be achieved
  • Secondary pump maintains the air pressure
  • Bag for carrying given along the mattress
  • Flocked top, which keeps the bedding intact
  • Inflates and deflates easily and automatically with the pump
  • The coils make it comfortable to sleep in
  • The shape remains in place
  • Full replacement warranty is provided


  • The need of constant power supply so as to stay inflated throughout the sleeping time.
  • The temperature and environment changes alters the firmness of the bed
  • The given punctures get difficult to use if there are any tears or punctures


Intex Raised Airbed

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Whether you get surprise guests or you tend to move a lot and need to get a quick solution, then of course you need a quick solution, a bed that is easy to carry and can be inflated easily too. It is highly known as the best mattress for sex. Yes, that’s true.

Intex manufactures inflatable products, manufactured with great care so that all the products are safe to use. The company makes a variety of mattress, so that anyone can choose according to their own comfort and wish.

The Intex Pillow Rest raised airbed with Built-in pillow and Electric Pump is an easy solution, as it provides with comfort and is fast working.

Features | Details | Specifications

The queen size bed has built-in pump, which helps in quick inflation of the mattress. Like the previous mattresses this also takes maximum of three minutes to inflate. So why worry when your bed can be ready in such a short span of time.

The Intex Pillow Rest portable air mattress with Built-in pillow and Electric Pump, like its name shows has a feature of built in pillows. This adds more comfort to the sleeping. You don’t even have to worry about extra pillows.

The height of the mattress is also good 12 inches above the ground so it is safe and risk free. The flocked top maintains the durability of the product as it is made of heavy duty vinyl beams. Along with these super cool features the top and sides are water resistant, so you don’t have much to worry about the spillages.

The mattress makers, in order to facilitate the consumers make it in multiple sizes so that the consumer can make purchase according to his/ her needs.


If you’re looking for something durable and that provides comfort than it is proffered to purchase the Intex Pillow Rest portable air mattress with Built-in pillow and Electric Pump as it is easy on the pocket and a long lasting purchase.


  • Waterproof mattress
  • Durable and comfortable as its surface is made of vinyl.
  • Built-in pillows
  • It is given in duffle bag for easy carrying
  • The firmness of the inflation can be altered accordingly.


  • The humidity and temperature can cause variation in the inflation
  • The built-in pillow may not be suitable to everyone’s comfort level


Intex Comfort Plush

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Intex is one of the famous mattress company, which is making inflated mattresses. Intex is suitable for those consumers who look out for durability, low price and long lasting purchase.

The Intex Comfort Plush elevated dura-beam airbed due to its reasonable price and bundle of features had been one of the most purchased mattresses on Amazon.

Features | Details | Specifications

The Intex Comfort Plush gives extra comfort which is usually not in the other mattresses available in the market. The queen sized bed is almost 22 inches, which makes it almost as high as regular beds. The bed is designed in such a way that even the sides are firm, so even sitting on the bed isn’t a challenge.

The portable bed is also comprising of flocked top, and doesn’t weigh much, which makes it easy to carry. These mattresses are made from very strong polyester fibers, which makes it strong and comfortable in the same time.

This also helps the mattress to not stretch over its lifetime. It has capacity of almost 600 pounds and can be inflated in maximum of 5 minutes. Two people can easily sleep on it, and the mattress itself weighs about 21 pounds.


If you’re up for something that lasts and yet is easy on the pocket than the Intex Comfort Plush elevated dura-beam airbeds your absolute solution. Along the price, the mattress emits the need of regular bed, and is strong enough to carry weight.


  • The long lifetime and durability, due to Dura-Beam technology
  • Built in pump, which makes inflation and deflation easy.
  • The mattress does not stretch over the period of time
  • Flocked top


  • The customer service may not be as up to the mark
  • The warranty is for 6 months only
  • There may be difference between mentioned and actual size


Serta Raised – Inflatable Air Mattress & Bed

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Serta has been one of the most pioneer in mattress making, they’ve been making perfect sleep mattress since 1931. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are one of the pioneers in bed making, which also focuses on perfect sleep. In today’s world they are known globally for their services and products. The mattress they produce is designed in such a way that it provides comfort according to person’s needs.

Serta Raised Air mattress with never flat pump, which according to the company, won’t get flat and won’t make you feel like you’re lying on the floor. The dimension of the bed is pretty huge and the raised bed promises to bring you a lot of comfort.

Features | Details | Specifications

The Serta bed is made of dimensions of 80 x 60 x 18 inches, which isn’t as huge as ones discussed previously, but it is useful if you have a little space, where it can adjust properly. It weighs around 20.65 pounds so it is portable and can be carried around other places easily; along with this a good quality carry bag is also being given.

One of the most leading features is that it provides a warranty of two years, and that is one reason people prefer it over the other air mattresses.

This also has two pumps attached to the mattress, the Never Flat pump keeps the bed inflated throughout the night time. The bed can be inflated and deflated in as little time as 4 minutes. Whereas the secondary pump keeps the firmness of the mattress and maintains the pressure of it.

The auto-shutoff feature in the primary pump brings a lot of convenience as it automatically turns off once the mattress in fully inflated or deflated.

The mattress comprises of 35 coils which provides with comfort while sleeping and the flocked top adds more to it. The mattress is easy to inflate, though it may stretch during the initial few days of inflation but this is also made of puncture resistant material so it is not easy to wear or tear, there is less damage.


If you’re looking for comfort and can pay a price little above the market then go for it. But similar options can be found in many other brands and at a lesser cost, plus they’ll even have greater size. So make a decision wisely.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Fast working pump
  • Little or almost no air leakage
  • Flocked top adds to more comfort
  • Automatic shut-off feature in the pump
  • A good carry bag for portability
  • Made of puncture-resistant material


  • May stretch in initial few inflations
  • Not as spacious as other competitors in the market
  • A little pricey as compared to others


Intex Downy – Self Inflating Air Mattress

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Intex Corp has been manufacturing mattresses for a long time; their number priority is perfect sleep. All of their products are meant for this specific purpose only. Their main motto is whether you’re outdoors, indoors, travelling or be anywhere in the world you deserve a god sleep, so for this purpose they’ve created number of perfect sleeping mattresses. They even provide with air sleeping system so as to give the luxurious sleep that everyone dreams of.

The Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in electric pump is among one of their comfort portable bed, which is designed to keep you comfortable and is easy to travel with.

Features | Details | Specifications

One of the most remarkable features of the Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in electric pump is that its bottom has the same sort of comfort that is provided by a traditional spring mattress, and the flocked top gives comfort which is also similar to the conventional spring mattress. This air mattress is 22 inches high which makes it as high as the conventional beds.

The built in pump is fast and inflates within three to four minutes, which is vigilant and your bed can be ready as soon as you want to sleep or relax. The pump needs a continuous supply of electric power to keep on working; there is no other way apart from this.

The top along being flocked it is also water proof, which adds more comfort and ease, so you don’t have much to worry about the spillages. There is also notched area on the top of the mattress so that the sheets are secured on the mattress.

Since the material is not resistant to sharp objects, it should be kept in mind that the place (whether indoors or outdoors) shall be clear from any sharp objects.

The durability of the product is good; it can carry up to 600 pounds and work off well whether for everyday use of for special events only. The top has 15, where as the sides are secured with 16 vinyl gauges to give a better and more durability


The product is good enough for people who’re looking for traveling mattresses at a lower price but reliability isn’t something they can opt for. For a longer term use many other and better options are available.


  • Very low price
  • The pump is built in
  • A height of 22 inches
  • The inflation and deflation process is fast
  • The valve automatically shuts off when not in use, this prevents the air leakage
  • Vinyl gauges added on the top and sides for longer durability
  • The top of the mattress is flocked and waterproof
  • It gives support which is similar to that of conventional spring mattress


  • The mattress may stretch over time
  • Stretching over the initial few inflation of mattress
  • The customer service isn’t very helpful
  • It needs electric supply to inflate
  • There is no warranty with the product


Coleman – Coleman Bed

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Coleman is a company which calls itself the outdoor company. It facilitates its consumers of all the things that are essential for outdoor activities. The product focuses on the well being, and luxurious sleep of a person.

Since Coleman is an outdoors company so yes its products are very highly recommended for travelling and using at camp site. Their soul purpose is to make sure that a person go outdoors and get active and not worry about the bedding or sleep.

Coleman Support Rest Double high airbed is very highly recommended by a lot many people who go out for camping and also who don’t want to miss their leisure sleep even when not at home.

Features | Details | Specifications

To give a home effect, the height of Coleman Support Rest Double high bed is as similar to those of conventional beds. Almost around 21 – 22 inches above the ground so that it is easy to get on and off the bed. The top finish of the bed is very soft and luxurious so that there is comfort while sleeping.

The pump is electrical and thus needs electric supply to works its way, but the inflation and deflation is done very quickly through the pump. There are two options available for inflation, i.e. automatic and manual. The firmness of the mattress is standardized as is set, it doesn’t provide the option of setting up the firmness of the mattress.

What a lot many people complain is about the air leakages, which usually occur in air mattresses, but Coleman Support Rest Double high bed uses airtight system with double locks so there are no chances for air leakage.

Since we’re talking about portable mattresses, so yes portability of Coleman Support Rest Double high bed must be kept in mind. Since Coleman focuses a lot on outdoors, they’ve specially provided with a high quality pouch for the mattress so that it becomes very easy to carry it to places. It also has the tendency to stay firm for days without any leakages. And most of all what everyone looks for in a product is the quality and price. The price is very easy on the pocket, so people prefer buying it.

The material is strong to support outdoor activities. It is made from heavy PVC and is available in multiple sizes for the comfort and desired requirement.


If you’re looking for options as a camping bed, then Coleman Support Rest Double high bed shall be your ultimate choice. It can carry up to 500 pounds and is ideal for two people.


  • Flocked top which makes it comfortable to sleep
  • Puncture resistant material
  • Air tight double lock which prevents the air from leakage
  • Inflation can be either manual or automatic
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.


  • When unboxing, there’s a sharp odor
  • Customer service isn’t very vigilant
  • The pump needs to be bought separately from the mattress.


Coleman QuickBed


portable mattresses

As discussed previously, Coleman is a company which triggers and support outdoor activities. Apart from air beds they also make camping products from tents to all the other specialized camping needs. Coleman is working since 1900 in this field, and can be termed as the pioneers in this field.

They come up with comfortable bedding technology which helps one to get the leisure sleep they desire and don’t miss on the adventure and fun outdoors. This is where Coleman Quick Bed Elite Extra high airbed comes in use.

Made of several qualities, this portable air mattress is your solution for indoor and outdoor activities.

Features | Details | Specifications

Coleman Quick Bed Elite Extra high airbed is a great option for outdoors but it fits well for daily usage too. It is available in four sizes, i.e. twin size, full size, queen size and king size. One can purchase according to his/ her requirements and unlike other mattresses one isn’t stuck with one or two standard sizes. In any case, i.e. be it any size the thickness of the bed remains 8 inches, and all of the mattresses are sturdy.

The packaging includes the mattress and a roll-up bag only, so it is easy to carry around. The flocked top gives relaxation and the sheets are always in place due to this feature. Similar to the previous Coleman mattress, this mattress also comes with double valve lock, so there are no air leakages, so the bed feels firm.

The bed is primarily made of PVC and this has 25% more thicker gauge base. The best part is that along being water resistant this is also weather resistant, change in weather doesn’t really affect it. Whereas a lot many air mattresses are effected by change in weather.

This is even easy to clean; all you need is a damp cloth, and wipe off the dirt. This is hassle free and doesn’t require much time as well. Also the company provides with one year of warranty so it develops the trust of the consumer.

A little discouraging thing for many consumers is that the pump is not included with the mattress, so that needs to be purchased separately, else this is the perfect choice for your trips and travelling adventures. The refilling is also easily done without much issues, it is easy to manage this product.


If you’re an avid traveler and need something which fulfils your travelling and sleeping requirements than Coleman is the right solution for this, easy portability and durability. But you need to purchase additional stuff with this on your own as the pump isn’t provided with this.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Carry bag available
  • Double valve lock, so as to prevent any air leakages
  • Made of PVC
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Easy to inflate
  • One year warranty


  • Pump needs to be purchased separately
  • Customer service isn’t very active


Insta-Bed Ez

portable mattress

Insta-bed is renowned for never compromising on comfortable sleep. They’ve always focused on the comfort and the importance of luxurious sleep. You never know where you’re travelling to nor whether the place you stay have comfortable beds or not? Or at a camp where there are no beds available, how to deal in such conditions?

A good night’s sleep is essential to perform better, to enjoy life better.

Insta-Bed EZ Bed Air Mattress uses one technology which keeps the bed inflated throughout the sleeping time and ensures a good sleep.

Features | Details | Specifications

The bed is most suitable for indoor use; the Never Flat technology monitors the pressure throughout the night and keeps the bed from deflating. The firmness of the bed can be adjusted according to your own will and desire, from plush, to medium or firm.

There are two pumps; the primary one inflates the whole bed within 4 minutes, maximum. Plus the instructions are very easy to follow and most of the procedure is followed on its own.

The flocked top is comforting and even helps the sheets remain in their place. There are 48 circular coils, which even create more comfort and provide ease of sleeping. Even there are no air leakages, which cause these mattresses to de-shape. Along the mattress, for portability purpose there is a carry bag along it. Even if you want to keep in aside, it rolls up and can be stored in a closet easily.

It can carry up to 500 pounds of weight, which is pretty much enough; two adults can easily adjust in. Most of the users are happy with the convenience and its durability. Along with a warranty of one year, it is a good catch. The built-n features are great, even one doesn’t feel cold throughout the night, due to the air inside.


If you’re looking for something easy to set up and is can be easily maintained then Insta-Bed EZ Bed Air Mattress is a good choice. It is not very friendly on the pocket but the ease it provides is wonderful. So if you’re looking for something used for indoors, than go for it. Its reliable and a safe option available.


  • Easy setup
  • A carry bag
  • Made of PVC
  • Can adjust the firmness according to own comfort
  • One year warranty
  • Can carry up to 500 pounds
  • Built in pump
  • The motion transfer is excellent


  • Not budget friendly
  • It is heavy in weight


Final Verdict

Presented above are the top 10 portable mattresses which are available. Many people prefer SoundAsleep above all, and they sure do have many great features but many others have features which SoundAsleep don’t provide.

Plus people always opt for options which are budget friendly and go a long way. More or less the technology being used in the air mattresses is same but some has an edge over the other, due to additive features.

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