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Best Crib Mattress & its Benefits

Best Crib Mattress For a Baby in 2017

To all the mommies out there, are you worried about how to give the best to you little one? Especially to new mothers, they’re always confused, what to but for them or what not to buy? Which is a safer option, which is not? Well let us bring you a little relief dear mommies, let us talk about best crib mattress.

Crib Mattresses are for the little ones, to ensure they sleep well and that their bodies are in the perfect position that helps them to develop their bones as they grow every day.

Brand Type Size Price
Moonlight Slumber - Little Dreamer Foam 52 x 27.5 x 5 Check it Out
Naturepedic -Organic Cotton Classic Organic 52 x 27.8 x 6 Check it Out
Colgate - Eco Classica III Foam (Plant Based) 51.7 x 27.2 x 6 Check it Out
Sealy - Soybean Foam-Core Foam (Plant Based) 51.6 x 27.2 x 5 Check it Out
Simmons - Beauty rest Beginnings Innerspring 52 x 27.5 x 6 Check it Out
Safety 1st Transitions Baby and Toddler Foam 27.5 x 52 x 5 Check it Out
Sealy Baby Posturepedic Innerspring 27.25 x 51.63 x 5.75 Check it Out
Sealy Baby Firm Rest Polyester Mattress 52 x 28 x 5.5 Check it Out
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Foam 52.5 x 27.5 x 5.5 Check it Out
Dream On Me "Twilight" Foam 51 x 27 x 6 Check it Out

Crib Mattress for Toddlers Reviews 

Let’s review some of the best crib mattresses for your infants.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer – Best Baby Mattress

best crib mattress

Moonlight Slumber is that one company you can totally rely on when it comes to natural and organic products. Their top priority is to satisfy the parents who are concerned about their children’s health. These are the most tested and verified crib mattresses across United States of America. From mattresses, to pillows and pads, Moonlight Slumber has it all.

Why their cribs are great for your child, because of the quality they offer at a reasonable price. Not only that, their crib mattresses are light – weight and easy to handle.

Along with this they have special feature that for an infant these are cribs and as your child grows a little older, flip the side and a good quality crib mattress is what you’ve got.

Product | Details | Features

Little Dreamer by Moonlight Slumber is one of the most positive reviewed mattress. This mattress is 5 – inch thick and is free from is free of vinyl, polyethylene, PVC, phthalates and lead, which makes it safer to use. The best thing is it is among the CertiPUR-US® certified model, which even makes it eco – friendly product along being a safe option for children.

One of the best features Little Dreamer offers is that it is not restricted to toddler days only. It is designed in a way that one side is the crib mattress, which is perfect for the young infants and then the other side is designed as a premium mattress, so one purchase goes a long way.

The dropped side-stitched seams are hypoallergenic, waterproof and weigh only about 10.5 pounds. A lot many customers say that this fits the security standards for a child and they fit cozily in the mattress. As this mattress is treated with ultra fresh for antimicrobial protection, so a damp sponge can easily clean it.


If you’re looking for something that has quality and all the health related benefits for your child, Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is the perfect crib mattress for your baby. This may not be your easy- on – pocket solution but it surely is the best option available and it goes a long way.


  • Dual side use
  • CertiPUR-US® certified model
  • Waterproof covering
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Expensive as compared to others in the market
  • Length not as much as per the requirements for crib mattress.


Naturepedic – Breathable Crib Mattress

best crib mattress

Naturepedic Mattresses Company designs specially designed mattresses which are organic. All of the Natirepedic mattresses are made by consulting physicians, scientists and chemists so as to bring the best product.

Using these mattresses isn’t hazardous for your health, these have non – toxic designs and are safe. Naturepedic has done good enough research to ensure quality and use the right products so your child can have a perfect sleep.

Naturepedic believe that nature has all the right solutions and things for us, then why go for artificial products?

Product | Details | Features

Naturepedic -Organic Cotton Classic is a dual side mattress. This is beneficial so the child can have a safe sleep as an infant as well as a toddler. This work for a longer time and is suitable for kids till a good age. The infant side is made of food-grade polyethylene, which is 100% toxic free and the cover works in such a brilliant way that there are no harmful effects of any chemicals.

This mattress is GOTS certified, so the manufacturers meet the strictest GREENGUARD certification standards, such that there shall be no emission of toxic chemicals.

The side seams are heat sealed water proof, this is great as it doesn’t even let dust or moisture to get in. this means your child is safe from all sorts of dirt and harmful germs. Another thing which makes this mattress really safe is that it does not catch fire like other mattresses usually do.

Another features, to add more comfort there are 150 coil innerspring , this also has 13 gauge coils and 9 gauge border wire for strong edge support to the mattress.

Since the mattress is designed and manufactured with all natural products so it is highly recommended that bed sheets shall also be 100% pure cotton based, instead of using synthetic material. The company also gives a 30 days warranty, in order to facilitate the customer.


If you’re looking for something that is beneficial and is made by natural products than Organic Cotton Classic by Naturepedic is your ultimate solution.

This is manufactured under strict certifications and is dual purpose, making your investment a wise decision. This is dual purpose and can go a long way.


  • The mattress has organic feel to it
  • 30 days warranty
  • Water proof
  • No harmful substance is used in manufacturing
  • 150 coil innerspring for added comfort
  • Dual side use


  • It is expensive
  • In order to fit the mattress, you’ll need new sheets


Eco Classica III – Colgate Crib Mattress


best crib mattress

Colgate, the crib mattresses specialists is a company which pledges the parents that they’ll play their role as much as they can in order to help the young ones grow and develop healthy. Of the two most important things that the parents want for their children, one is a perfect crib.

A crib is essentially the development centre of a kid so it is very essential to invest and purchase one which is very good in quality and is beneficial for the child’s health. Crib mattresses by Colgate Kids are being specially made in such way that they facilitate child’s growth.

Product | Details | Features       

The Colgate Eco Classica III is a healthy and gives a child natural sleeping environment. This uses plant based oil eco foam and cotton, which means there is no emission of harmful gases and that the child sleeping will not have any harmful effects due to this.

This 6 inch mattress is very carefully manufactured, as it is dual sides. The purpose of this dual side is that the one much softer side is for the infants, and the other, much firmer side is for the toddlers. The usage is longer and much beneficial. The sides are marked very clearly so you don’t need to worry guessing what side you’re using.

The plus is that it is GREENGUARD and CertiPUR-US Certified; this means that it is safe from harmful chemical emissions, which will damage the environment, and in many cases can damage a child’s health as well!

The mattress is almost 10 pounds, which is easy for moms to manage it. And it almost fits all standard size (American) cribs and toddler beds, so you have gotten rid of that worry too. Also, there is no smell in this mattress, which usually causes discomfort to the consumer, and a lot many mattresses have odors which are not really a good sign.

It has an organic cotton cover, which is also water proof, so that nothing can seep in easily and damage or pollute the mattress. Another wonderful feature of Colgate kids crib mattresses is that they come with a life time warranty, yes! This is a very special feature to build in the customer’s trust and loyalty and a proof that Colgate Kids works in its specialized field without any doubts.


If you’re looking for something healthy and for a long term use, then it is good if you opt for Colgate Eco Classica III, this is completely organic.

This is not only verified and certified from the harm but it also provides the baby with the comfort and eases all the moms.


  • Lightweight
  • Water proof cover
  • Completely organic
  • Dual sided, can be used for infants & toddlers 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Return back policy is for certain days.


  • Sides are rounded, which are not preferred by many parents.


Sealy Soybean – Memory Foam Crib Mattress


crib mattress

Everyone is aware of Sealy mattresses; they have mattresses for all ages, all sizes and all bed types. According to Sealy you can choose the mattress which you are comfortable sleeping in, be it gel or foam mattress there are many options to choose from.

With years of innovation and renovation, there are many crib mattresses which is for the children especially. The Sealy Soybean foam is one of the crib mattresses which come along with many great features for the little ones.

Product | Details | Features      

Well who hasn’t heard about Sealy Soybean foam? Winner of America’s Best for Baby winning the Women’s Choice Award in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. This is an award winning model and it has features which led it to the top.

Like many other crib mattresses, this isn’t dual side but its high density manufacturing is perfect for infants and toddlers, as the firmness is perfect. There is added cotton for more grip and balance. This mattress has light weight foam and made with soybean oils provided by American farmers. The high density keeps the foam from sagging and that there is longer durability as it facilitates the baby as he sleeps.

Another great feature is pearl embossed waterproof features and stain resistant, which makes it easier to clean and manage. Along the mattress even the cover is wet and wipe clean. This is easier for moms who don’t want to get in a lot of hassle.

The mattress passes ASTM standards and is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which also makes it a good buy. The mattress is breathable, and lets the air circulate. Along this, the manufacture us done in USA, and provides a life time warranty, so the customer can have help and assistance all the time. And it fits all the standardized size of cribs.

There is no odor in the packaging or in the mattress itself. The square corners ensure a great fit for all cribs. To prevent more damage it is no toxic fire retardants.


Looking for something which is guaranteed and is choice of all moms, Sealy Soybean foam is your one stop. This passes all the major certifications which are essential and ensure safety for children.

This crib mattress gives no sagging issues and can be used as for infants and toddlers without worrying to buy another mattress.


  • CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD certified
  • Firm but not hard
  • Can be used for infants and toddlers both
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits all standard size cribs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • No sagging


  • Less than 30% soybean oil used in foam core, in contrast to the name of product.


Simmons Beauty Rest – Mini Crib Mattress


 crib mattresses

Simmons Mattress Company is one of the pioneers in innovation and works it ways to always bring out the best product. Their history for providing a better sleep is very long. And the Beauty rest mattresses line is one of the most successful one, which has gained the most customer satisfaction.

This company now further is working on how to retain durability, quality and the mattress with the latest technology.

Simmons Sleepy Whispers is one of the mattresses from Beauty rest series, which is designed for the little ones, so they can also get the best sleep.

Product | Details | Features     

The Simmons is another famous company which specializes in the field of bedding and relevant products.

The first and foremost important function is that there are 13 gauge coils and 321 luxury pocketed coils and there are reinforced border protection and corner protectors which give more strength and stability.

Simmons Beauty rest – Sleepy Whispers comes with a fire protecting cover, also it is made of pure cotton fibers, and also it doesn’t even irritate the skin so it is good for baby’s skin.

The mattress like many others has two sides, one side is for the new born and the other one is for the toddlers. The toddlers’ side is more comfortable and lesser firms as compared to the newborn’s side. The good part is that you won’t have to buy a mattress in another few years. Even there is indication on both the sides, so you can easily judge which side you’re going to use.

The great part is that unlike many other mattresses which are totally vinyl made, the Sleepy Whispers just has thin vinyl covers on both the sides which makes it water proof. There is a 100% hypoallergenic Line, this gives more comfortable look and the mattress doesn’t seem much plastic due to this. This absorbs little spills and baby sweat and this works wonderfully. This makes the mattress as many bacteria free as possible.

This is a good choice if you’re maintaining your budget line as well, because most of the crib mattresses with such many features are really costly. These mattresses are certified and not harmful to the ecological system, as well as these give a healthy sleeping environment to your child.


Looking for something in your budget line and durable for a longer period of time then Sleepy Whispers is the right solution.

It is durable, doesn’t sag and is certified under USA’s strict conditions. So this is a healthy option for your younger one!


  • Dual usage
  • Water proofing
  • GREENGUARD GOLD & CertiPUR-US certified for a healthier indoor environment
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No chemical smell
  • Easy to clean


  • May be too firm on both sides
  • It is heavier than foam, so its portability is difficult
  • It can be worn off earlier


Safety 1st Baby and Toddler – Portable Crib Mattress


crib mattresses

Safety 1st has been in business for a while and has been producing children’s safety products for a long time. From home products to strollers and car accessories for children, it is their foremost concern that all children must get quality life from the very first days. Along with quality their main concern is that the child development shall be accurate and shall be according to the needs.

At Safety 1st it is understood that as a child grows, so does his/ her needs grow too. So parents usually stress over it and for them their child’s safety is very essential in the early years, keeping this in focus Safety 1st makes all of their products and works towards achieving more.

Product | Details | Features      

The design of Safety 1st Transitions Baby and Toddler mattress is the sort of design which mostly new parents seek for. The design is dual purpose and can be used till toddler ages, which gives parents the ease of not spending on a lot of things in a little time.

The toddler side has more added cushion as it is slightly softer, where as the infant’s side is much firmer. Apart from that there are tags added so that you can easily recognize which side it is.

Parents are also concerned regarding the safety measures of the products which they’re using for their child. Well this mattress is both green guard and also meets federal flammability standard, so this clearly shows that the mattress is harmless for the child.

Also instead of washing you can simply wipe off the stains, you don’t need to wash the whole thing as that’s not easy to manage. Even it has water repelling cover, so there are no issues when there are any spillages.

Along all the other features, this is a great fit. The mattress fits well in standard crib sizes and one gets all the benefits out of it and that too in quality price.


Safety 1st Transitions Baby and Toddler mattress is one of the best sellers of Safety 1st as not only it is good on the pocket but it also provides and facilitates the consumer of the safety he/ she acquires for his/ her child. The product is great even for long run and can be used till the infant has reached the toddler age.


  • Dual purpose mattress
  • Added tags for easy recognition
  • Added cushioning on toddler’s side for more comfort
  • Meets the safety standards and measures
  • Water repelling cover
  • Easy on the pocket


  • The sheets don’t easily fit in the mattress
  • The plastic has a bad odor
  • The plastic also makes noise if children roll over it
  • Some people face compatibility issues.


Sealy Baby Posturepedic – Toddler Bed Mattress


crib mattress

Everybody knows about Sealy beddings; they have sleeping cushions for all ages, all sizes and all bed sorts. As indicated by Sealy you can pick the bedding which you are open to resting in, be it gel or froth sleeping cushion there are numerous alternatives to look over.

With years of advancement and redesign, there are numerous den-sleeping pads that are for the youngsters particularly. The Sealy Baby Posturepedic is one of the bunk sleeping cushions which join numerous extraordinary components for the minimal ones.

Product | Details | Features      

Sealy has over 130 years of experience in bedding business and their experience is certainly shown in their products. Their main purpose is to make products which are easy to use, give extra comfort and ensure a child’s safety.

The mattress has 220 adult grade coils and along this there are 4 cushioning layers to prevent bacteria as well as give added function. The 2 core layers provide stability and the outer layers create a more comfortable sleeping environment. The size is standard size so it is an easy fit in all the cribs, with a thickness of 5 inches, all the sheets can fit in well.

The mattress uses side bars to keep the mattress firm, and locked stitch is used to ensure that there is no wear and tear in the mattress. Along these two the anti – sag weight is really beneficial to prevent dips in the mattress.

The age limit for this mattress is maximum of 4 years. It can support up to 60 pounds very easily. Even the mattress itself weighs very less, so it can be easily carried to other places. The exclusive Posturetesh® coil system offers 220 Posturetesh® coils that can sense your baby’s movement so that it can give additive comfort to the baby.

Lastly, it is Green Guard Gold certified which means that the indoor air quality isn’t damaging and there is no/ or low low chemical emissions so the sleeping environment for your baby is healthier and comfortable.


Searching for something secure, this is even preventive from wear and tear and such other losses. It can be used till toddlers’ age, so parents can easily invest in this one mattress and then forget the worry of buying other mattress too soon.

Also this crib mattress is guarded with the certifications criteria. So go ahead, what you’re waiting for?


  • The coils in the mattress sense the movements of the baby and maintain the control the comfort level
  • Four layers of cushioning provide extra comfort
  • The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The steel reinforced frame keeps the mattress in its shape and prevent any wear and tear


  • The inner foam isn’t as comfortable as memory foam
  • It is considerably heavier in weight
  • This is not a dual side mattress
  • It is very soft in comparison to other mattresses, which may not be preferred by many parents.


Sealy Baby Firm Rest – Cradle Mattress


crib mattress

All people know approximately sealy bedding; they have sleeping cushions for all ages, all sizes and all bed types. As indicated by means of Sealy you may pick out the bedding that you are open to resting in, be it gel or froth sound asleep cushion there are various options to appearance over.

With years of development and redesign, there are numerous den sound asleep pads which are for the kids specifically. The Sealy Baby Firm Rest is one of the bunk drowsing cushions which join numerous notable components for the minimal ones.

Product | Details | Features    

Advanced firmness for babies and infants with a 204 innerspring coil system and extra core structure like full perimeter border wire and anti-sag weight distribution bars. The coils also are heat tempered to offer less assailable drowsing surroundings for babies and a long lasting basis for infants. This sturdy crib pad offers cozy padding associated a bactericide waterproof protect a protected sleeping setting for your baby.

There are two thick, hypoallergenic layers cushion in the center, supplying your infant comfy cushion and help. Those layers provide the firm basis infants need and put them at ease during night time’s rest for infants.

For a safer, a lot of sanitary sleeping surroundings, this crib pad include a water-proof cover coated with STAPH-GARD that repels liquids, stains, and allergens. This makes the pad straightforward to wipe clean just in case of leaks or messes. The lock-stitched binding keeps seams from unraveling and since the seams are waterproof, this helps stop liquids from leaky within to form mildew.

A flow of air pocket on the aspect of the pad permits contemporary air to flow into through the layers of the pad. Conventional crib mattresses use little metal vents, which might be removed, posing a choking hazard for small ones. The seamed pocket of the Sealy Baby Firm Rest pad is sewn in situ, with no removable components.

The Baby Firm Rest pad is totally tested to satisfy or exceed demanding USA safety standards, as well as those for phthalates, flammability, lead and chemicals. The mattress is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality and low chemical emissions and conjointly meets the strict certification.

The Sealy Baby Firm Rest is formed within the USA and is backed by a 20-year restricted warrant.


The Sealy Baby Firm Rest is something for you if you are looking for something in your budget line and you also want the best for your child. This is certified and comfortable and can help in the growth and development of your child.


  • Water proof
  • 20 years warranty
  • Superior firmness with 204 interwoven steel coil system
  • Air flow system to facilitate sleep 


  • Not dual sided
  • uses polyester mattress, which is not really preferred by many parents


Safety 1st – Heavenly Dreams


crib mattresses

Safety 1st has been in business for a short time and has been manufacturing children’s safety product for a protracted time. From home product to strollers and automotive accessories for youngsters, it’s their foremost concern that each one kids should get quality life from the terribly initial days. Alongside quality their main concern is that the kid development shall be correct and shall be in keeping with the requirements.

At Safety 1st it’s understood that as a toddler grows, thus will his/ her wants grow too. Thus oldsters sometimes stress over it and for them their child’s safety is incredibly essential within the early years, keeping this focused Safety first makes all of their product and works towards achieving a lot of.


Product | Details | Features

Another wide purchased crib mattress is that the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams model. Despite being a budget-friendly choice amongst $100 competitors, it still rates collectively of the very best among people who have mirthfully used them. Like their Transitions 2-in-1 pad, the Heavenly Dreams crib mattress is hypo-allergenic, sturdy and created with a vinyl, waterproof cover. It additionally passes all commonplace safety laws.

The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams crib pad consists of a high-density thermo-bonded foam core enclosed by a polypropylene-laminated vinyl protect the last word in waterproof protection. The vinyl covering makes it proof against stains and smells.

The quilt is waterproof and incorporates a zip just in case you would like to scrub it or change it out. The water protection is important because the child can spill any beverage or milk, so in order to avoid such mess; the water proofing is a great feature.

In size it measures 52.5 inches long by 27.5 inches wide to suit conventional crib mattresses. This means it can easily fit into the cribs and can be used by the new born till the infant age. This is a foam crib mattress, and it retains its form very well, even when years of usage (it works nice, it can regenerate into crib-to-toddler-bed, too).

The good factor concerning the shortage of springs is that it discourages youngsters from jumping thereon. It’s additionally pretty lightweight, that makes it simple to scrub and alter the sheets. The drawback is that it uses the everyday polyurethane that you simply might want to avoid.

This specific product ranks a bit lower on the sturdiness scale thanks to the strategies wont to sew the quilt along. In terms of safety, the pad is freed from phthalates and lead, and it meets federal flammability standards.


If you’re looking for something cheap so go for Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams. This is a certified product and has water proofing so it is a good buy, but if you have a greater purchasing power, go for some other product that has been reviewed.


  • Nice and firm
  • Waterproof and straightforward to wash
  • comfortable match on customary cribs
  • light-weight for fast and straightforward sheet changes


  • It is not dual purpose
  • Not the softest possibility obtainable
  • Middle might sink once time
  • Cover is also vulnerable to tears


Dream On Me – Twilight

crib mattresses

The Dream On Me Family is that the designer, manufacturer of baby products which are rich in quality. It is a family operated business for many years. They pride themselves in quality product & service. Intensive expertise, skilled experience and hard safety standards make sure the fine quality of their product. Their bedding is created within America.

They have features which are innovative patents on 2 of their mattresses. Their customer’s satisfaction is high priority. They have a wide variety of gift sets, diaper bag gift sets and many of accessories relevant to babies. When it comes to import, there are gifts, cribs and kids accessories, but they ensure that of it is in top quality.

Product | Details | Features

Your baby can curl-up in comfort on the Twilight Spring Coil pad by Dream On Me. Factory-made proudly within the USA this pad is made with quality materials and skill.

This light-weight pad offers eighty interlocking steel coils providing comfort and support. A protecting polyurethane wrap on both sides delivers a luxurious sleeping surface, so that your child can sleep in more peace and have more comfort.

Additionally to a hypoallergenic foam insulating layer for lasting sturdiness. This also helps in no sagging of the mattress, because with a great use many people complain about sagging issues, but this is not the case in Twilight.

The phthalate and lead free waterproof cover includes a Lock-Stitch discharge system and wipes clean with gentle soap and water. This means you can simply wipe off the stains or dirt instead of washing the whole thing.

Meets the sixteen CFR 1632 /1633 Federal Flammability Standards and carries a ten year restricted pledge against manufacturer’s defects and materials. This provides the child with a healthy surrounding to sleep in, and that there are no harmful emissions when the baby is fast asleep which can cause health issues to him/ her.


The Dream On Me – Twilight is in the last option in our list as it may not have a lot many features and just has the standardized pros, so many parents may not want to purchase this for their little ones. This is water proof so you can also be safe from cleaning the spillages again and again. But if you can easily afford an expensive one, you should go for it.


  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof cover
  • Resists stains and odors
  • Meets the sixteen Federal Flammability Standards
  • Fits full size cribs and toddler beds
  • Wipe clean with delicate soap and heat water
  • 80 interlinking coils
  • 10 Year restricted warrantee
  • Nice print design


  • Too soft for kid, this can cause harm to the body development of the baby
  • low-cost plastic cover which may not be good for the child
  • More applicable for toddler instead of an infant
  • Makes noises once baby moves or shifts
  • Might take a month or additional for delivery
  • Not dual sided

Above were the top 10, and the best crib mattress that we have reviewed. Crib mattresses are a need for parents of new born, and since they have lack of experience so it is always a delight to get them all reviewed so they can choose the best according to their need and their budget.

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